Tuesday, February 13, 2007


excitement! my first magazine assignment! yay! i sent the layout off yesterday to memory makers. i was so nervous, but it all worked out. i also had 5 layouts picked up for an mm book – fun stuff!

packages should start rolling in this week. a scrapgal order, some bam pop, march poppy ink kit and a swap rak too! all that cha goodness – i can’t wait! heck, maybe my big box from american crafts too!

i’m in a little bit of a holding pattern here - waiting on product so i can get my march work done. in the meantime, i’ve been organizing some and sketching out designs.

we are headed to pennsylvania on saturday for the long weekend. we are attending the baptism of our new nephew clayton. sam and adam are looking forward to meeting the little guy. sam thinks clayton is going to play with him (clayton will be around 8 weeks old!) adam keeps calling him caitlin! my funny, funny boys. i can’t wait to get some pics of the little guy.

work is blah – all those competitor earnings calls. sigh. i’ll be glad to be done with them.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on your memory makers assignment and also all of those layouts that have been snapped up for the book - that must be so exciting for you!

It must be like christmas receiving all those parcels - looking forward to what comes from them.

Have a lovely weekend at the christening.

Christy said...

Enjoy your weekend. How exciting about the assignment from Memory Makers.

Kimberly said...

you........are.........on.........fire! i couldn't be happier! you really truly do rock!

and dude. never mind the pm i sent you. i see you're going to the baptism. gotcha.

Anonymous said...

It's so cool to hear about all the cool stuff you are doing!

Rita said...

well congrats to you miss fancy!! how exciting. just found your blog. how did i not know about it before?! me happy :)