Sunday, October 21, 2007

good reads

have you been to goodreads? i've been loving reading about what everyone else is reading. i have a "to read" bookshelf growing by the day. i went to the library for the first time in a long time yesterday with my list in hand and brought home a couple of new books to read. now i have to try and squeeze the reading time in somewhere.

i've been busy decorating my home for company over thanksgiving, reorganizing my scraproom, getting ahead with my scrapin' responsibilities, and carting the kids from birthday parties to soccer and back!

hope all is well. more later...

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl! It's Jen Sebast...
Huge CONGRATS on your Simple Gal gig! How cool for you! I'll look forward to seeing more of you on their site and in the mag! Woo Hoo!
Now, a question:
What SR line did you use on your LO "Up" that you posted in the Simple Gallery? Can't seem to locate it on their site and would love it for pics of my nephew...they are so his colors! Thanks so much!