Tuesday, April 15, 2008

trying something a little different here

from confessions of a pioneer woman

everyday i read or scan an inordinate amount of blogs - craft blogs, style blogs, decor blogs, scrappin' blogs. i see a lot of really cool ideas/creations that inspire me. i'm going to start sharing some of those inspiring items here - hopefully one a week day. i figure share the wealth right?

well guess i should get started huh?

do you read confessions of a pioneer woman? ree is an incredible writer and photographer. i was sucked in via cathy zielske's blog a few weeks ago and now it's a daily stop for me. ree shares stories about her life on a working cattle ranch, as well as recipes, photography tips, and home decor ideas. she also gives her photography away for free! you must read the story of how she met and married her husband, black heels to tractor wheels - you'll laugh, you'll cry - i guarantee it!

anyhow, the other day ree shared her incredible actions for free with her readers. they work with cs2 and they are awesome - very subtle. just last night i installed a spyder (color calibration software) on my monitor. i look forward to using ree's actions to work on about 400 photos that need editing going back to november.

what blogs inspire you? i'll update the places i go on the left soon with some of the places i go! :)


Patrice~ said...

nice job with the
blog update!
bright and colorful.

Anonymous said...

i love p-dub too:)
wish I could attend your class...you won't be coming to central KY anytime soon, will ya?

~Amie~ said...

yo,I downloaded these actions and they totally rock! thanks for the heads up!

Denise said...

I do read that blog...love it! I also love the update here and am excited about your class at wiggles and giggles. You will be fantastic! You have such a great sense of humour and presence Celeste and if I were still there..I'd been signing up!!