Wednesday, January 18, 2012

second saturday & project life week two

i can't commit to 12 on the 12th. most months of the year i'm a mole person, getting up at the crack of dawn and heading into work. coming home at night. most of my day is spent at my desk at work - not an exciting prospect for photo taking. so i decided to take 12 photos on the second saturday. :) here is my january installment. i wa sin florida visiting my brother without my family.

from the top:
words with friends in bed
starbucks chai
my brother working
bob the chihuahua
facetime with sam
self portrait in the mirror
glass of wine
my crazy brother
florida palm trees at sunset

this spread became the right hand page of my project life for week two. i think i'm going to stick to that each month. i'd like to make a little flag that says second saturday - i will add it later.

here's week two...

supplies: valorie wibbens' pockets #3 at the lilypad, robyn meierotto's everyday kit at design house digital, fonts: pacifico, another typewriter.

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