Friday, May 30, 2008

debbie downer

sorry i was a debbie downer yesterday! :) thanks for the comments folks. today was a slow day cruising the web or maybe it was just a busy day at work. ;) so i'll share an older post.

::via stilldottie

i have had this link in my idea folder forever (well since last june anyway.) isn't that the coolest mobile? that's just paper scraps cut into ovals (you could use circles) and strung on wire! brillant use of scraps, eh?


Denise said...

Celeste...I adore you! Love your inspiring links and artful eyes. Your awesome!!

*Paula* said...

missed you C! Glad you are back

Patrice~ said...

those paper scraps
mobiles are just wonderful!!


elizabeth rosemond said...

hahahaaaaa! I LOVE Debbie Downer..but I digress :D