Sunday, September 10, 2006


oh it's a lovely fallish day on the cape. we just got back from the beach. sam loved playing in the sand. he was making "pasta" pie. he kept saying yummy, delicious - of course i had to tell him not to actually drink the sea water and put his tongue on the sand and seaweed (pasta). we're all tired and we are leaving for home shortly. then it will be a mad dash to get ready for tomorrow - back to school and work for all of us. i'll post a pic of sam being silly when i get home.

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Collette Osuna said...

Hi Celeste:)
I saw your blog link on a thread @ 2Peas...I wanted to stop by and say "HI"......CUTE blog you have here! I read that you said it was VERY hard to type in all lowercase letters....sometimes THINGS that seem simple, really (simple scrapbooking style)Ive heard it before too......:)
Ill be sure to keep you on my "must read list"....I had to create a blog to post you wont see anything is you click on mine, hehehe
Send me an email if ya ever wanna chat!!