Saturday, September 09, 2006


what a beautiful day here on cape cod. we went to a family fun day at the beach - the kids enjoyed the juggler, the ice cream, and digging in the sand. it was a little windy though.

terry is off fishing with adam and i'm here with sam occupying his time until they return.

hey i know some people are lurking *coughrachelcough* so say hi. i'm starting to get a complex and feel like i'm talking to the computer. lol

post here before monday at noon est and adam will choose a number from the number of posters. then i'll send you a nice rak!


Daniel & Rachel Cooley said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daniel & Rachel Cooley said...

well, i didn't mean for my deleted comment to show up...

i am so busted by celeste for stalking her blog!! but hey, i'll do anything for the chance at a rak!!!

and i figured that if i'm posting on her blog, i should probably post a comment in lowercase. you're right it is hard to do. i wonder if you get too used to it, do you start typing lowercase for other things too?

have a great day and pick me, pick me for a rak.

Anonymous said...

hi girl, so happy you're blogging :) we were at the cape a couple weeks ago, so beautiful, i love it there. enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

oh man...i'm too late! Hope you had fun on the cape!