Thursday, August 31, 2006

busy day

adam started school today. he did great. he shook the teacher's hand and really seemed to enjoy being at school. he even posed for pics - a rarity. i cried a little when the teachers had them line up - but was over it pretty quickly.

sam had a hard drop off in the new pre-school room this am. i hope the rest of his day goes well. i also hope that when terry drops him off tomorrow it will be easier.

i filled out all of the paperwork we received today for adam. wrote a bunch of dates on the calendar with things we have to do over the next couple weeks. busy busy. ordered a new calendar online too so we can really get organized.

on the scrappin' front, i have to get my rear in gear so to speak. i have 16 assignments this month - 6 of which i could be working on right now. two i need to find pictures for and determine what i'm doing. so really i could be working on half. tonight i hope to do at least one - if i make it....

i have a cold. BIG BUMMER! i want to go to bed! hopefully i'll feel better quickly. i have an mri tomorrow too and i'm claustrophobic. wish me luck.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

welcome to my new blog!

ok so no one will probably ever read this, but i've decided to start blogging again. i'm sure i won't keep up with it but i can try right?

the title of the blog is happiness is... i guess i've had quite a revelation this month about how unhappy i was. i've made a conscience decision to try to be happier. i'm not sure if it's going to work or not, but maybe the title of the blog will help me look for the happy in life.

on the scrapbooking front, things couldn't be better. i just made the design team for american crafts - my all-time favorite manufacturer. calls go out on another big team tomorrow - i'm not so hopeful, but you never know right?

on the homefront, my BIG little guy starts kindergarten tomorrow and the wee one starts pre-school. i'm excited and nervous and just a well of emotions. must remember to bring tissues (and the camera!)

on the work front, well that is not so happy so we just won't talk about that now will we?

health-wise, well we're still trying to figure that all out. i have an mri on friday - i'm hoping that once and for all my sinus issue will be figured out. i have an appointment for an asthma challenge next week and an appointment with the ENT later in the month. i'm hoping that it's polyps or something like that - i'd like to get this straightened out so i can live without pain and coughing!

well wish me luck on this new venture. i'm not going to put it in my siggy yet. iron out kinks and such. maybe add a photo? ;) see ya.