Saturday, January 19, 2008

did you ever...

as a young adult meet an adult that didn't treat you like a child? an adult that really listened to what you had to say and respected you? in my teenage years i didn't meet many, but one person really stands out. walt dzitko. walt was the father of a good high school friend. he was the kind of father that you actually wanted to hang out with. he had a wonderful sense of humor and he loved his children more than anything in the world. i believe he worked hard through those tough teenage years to remain a constant in their lives, to always be there and to make their lives fun and fulfilled. unfortunately, walt passed away on friday. linda emailed me and her subject heading was "we lost a good one today." i don't think she could have expressed it any more succinctly.

walt's son, ed, posted the obituary on his blog. i'm off to the wake tomorrow - an unfortunate reunion with linda. it's just sad.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

amazing online class

debbie hodge is offering an amazing online class at called "scrap your everyday life." to promote the class, she's written a sample class available here. it's an 8-page pdf with lessons, examples, and sketches. go check it out - the sample is free and i think you are going to love it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Simple Scrapbooks Contest

“Put It in a Letter” Page Contest
Help us celebrate Universal Letter Writing Week by posting a letter-themed layout in our online Reader Gallery during the week of January 21–25. What do we mean by “letter-themed layout”? Write a letter to yourself, your spouse, your child, your friend, your mother, your brother—anyone—and use it on a scrapbook page. Use the keywords “Universal Letter Writing Week” in the comments so we can find your layout.

At the end of the week, Elizabeth Dillow, author of The Scrapbooker’s Almanac, will select five favorite layouts and announce them in the Reader Gallery. Each winner will receive a copy of Elizabeth’s book and one grand-prize winner will also receive a cool letter-writing kit from Elizabeth.

Only layouts posted January 21–25 will be considered official entries. Post as many letter-themed layouts as you like. No purchase necessary.

root canal

oh my! i had a root canal yesterday. ugh. the tooth itself feels much better. after 90 minutes of having my mouth open and four shots of novacaine, my jaw feels awful. hard for a chatty cathy like me and hard to stick to my diet as i can't really chew well. and joy oh joy i now get to go get a crown. :)

nothing much scrappy going on. i finished up a bunch of page packs for my next crop. i used mostly scraps to make them - which felt good. i'm working on a layout for simple scrapbooks may/june - a no-photo layout! i also would like to complete the scenic route challenge for january. i did a layout for hmitm last night - it's not very good i won't post it. i think i might skip this week.

sam has started to play on the computer. of course, this means my computer time is limited, but i have to hang out in my scraproom to help him when he gets in a bind. maybe this will be what gets me scrapping more regularly again.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


went to a crop last night at the buzz and had a blast. those ladies really get me giggling. of course i came home with tons of glitter in my hair. :) missing one of our glitter girls though - it's just not the same without her. ;) i finished 24 layouts in 7 hours. crazy huh? it was a get er done night. some of those packs have been in my bag since august. so glad to just be done with them. not sure i'll even scan any in this time around.

oh seems i have a critic posting on my blog. i had to laugh because more and more i could care less what anyone thinks. i am really doing this to document the kids lives and just have fun. the rest is just gravy (and free stuff!)

booked my flight to cha in anaheim today. looking forward to seeing some online friends and hanging out with the simple folk. :)

more later...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

working from home

oh how i miss working from home. today i did just that. i was able to get a lot of work done and i didn't have to get dressed up and freeze in my cube at work! another plus i picked adam up from school at 2pm (wednesdays are short days) and he didn't have to go to aftercare. of course, before picking him up i snuck in one of these....

(disclaimer - not my photo - it's from google images)
that would be a venti, non-fat no water chai extra hot. if you've never had a starbucks chai without water, well, you are missing out. it's just hot perfection in a cup.
now i'm making dinner - well heating it up - meatloaf, rice, and carrots. yum! all while slaving away at work. ;)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

hmitm #64

here is my contribution to hmitm #64. the challenge - 8 pp, 8 buttons, 8 photos, and 8 stickers.

the pp is clockwise basic grey, crate paper, scenic route, chatterbox, love elsie, scenic route, american crafts, and prima. buttons are buttons galore. stickers are the centers of the ki memories reinforcement sitckers. font is century gothic.

this is a challenge i'd like to participate in this year as it really eats away at stash! tfl!

guilty pleasure

did you see what is back on tv? the writers strike has really brought out a whole slew of bad tv programming. well this goodie is an exception...

yes that's right it's american gladiator! 14 years off air and they've resurrected the show. it's still as cheesy as ever, it's become my guilty pleasure. last night i kept the boys up to watch. they loved it!

Monday, January 07, 2008

poppy ink january and maybe a goal?

now you are thinking what has got into that girl? two posts in one day? i'm going to try and post more of my layouts here this year. hey that's a goal isn't it? lol!

on the new year

well i still haven't set my goals for this year. there is so much time and so little to do - scratch that reverse it. (do you know the reference?) i should sit down and do a layout about my goals for '08 - might help me devise my evil plan for the year. ;)

sharing some xmas pics here. some with my new lens (tamron 18-250) that dh bought me. he's a keeper i tell you. most use my dreaded flash - i really need to work on how to use it - i have the demb diffuser on it as well

a little xmas eve montage - click to see it bigger!

o christmas tree...

opening the pickle gift...

loads of littlest pet shop...

a wii! he's so excited!

and one more a little montage of sam that is just beyond cute and on one of my poppy ink layouts this month...

thanks for reading. i'll share my jan pi layouts later!