Wednesday, September 05, 2007


ok so i spent the greater part of last night pouting about not making the october afternoon team and then the calls went out.

and i didn't get a call.

and then they said a few of the calls hadn't panned out. it wasn't over.

and then i kept checking my home phone all day hoping that there was a call. no call.

and then the phone rang at 5:20 - i thought it was terry. nope.

it was kim! from october afternoon! yay! i got the call!

can you say happy dance?

if you haven't seen their stuff check them out...

october afternoon

Monday, September 03, 2007


ok so you have to check it out...

a brand new blog so full of inspiration you'll just be in heaven.

i am. and all those rak's - sigh.


Saturday, September 01, 2007


it's our last day here on cape cod. it has been a fabulous week - we've spent so much time on the beach enjoying the sun, surf, and wildlife. our first night we went down to the beach (literally 50 yards) for a sunset. this shot is unedited and not cropped (no tools on dh's computer.) those specks are adam and terry hunting for crabs in the tide pools.

we are definitely planning on renting again up here in eastham next year. we even looked at a rental today right on the beach. i'm hoping it will be available the week we'd like it as it would be perfect!

back to the grind tomorrow! sigh.