Thursday, November 30, 2006



why do I equate rejection in the scrapbooking industry with personal failure? one of my design teams decided not to renew me for next year. i’ve worked hard for them, always been on time and i’ve always been willing to go the extra mile. i am so overwhelmed with assignments that the fact that they non-renewed actually is a good thing, but something inside me says i wasn’t good enough. subjectivity. i need to remember that.

anyhow, on a better note. i can’t wait to purge. i have a bunch of paper and other assorted items to go through and get rid of which will help me get more organized and give me more space. I’ve finished up my assignments and i’m moving on. this will allow me to spread out my american crafts stuff a bit and be more productive in my never ending quest for publication. by now if you’ve figured it out and your interested in some stuff – track me down and ask me for some! lol

on a happier note, the poppy ink gallery debuts tonight. awesome awesome kit and the dt just rocks. you can’t get in on this months kit, but you can sign up for the next one or order some of the rockin’ add-ons.

and my debut as one of the blue crew on scrapjazz is tonight. doodlebug galore and rockin’ buttons too.

Monday, November 27, 2006


well i think i'm feeling almost normal lol. i was in bed all day on saturday and part of the day on yesterday with a stomach bug. yucko!

we did get our fake christmas tree yesterday - i took photos at lowe's as if we were cutting down a real one. hee hee. i also picked up our wreath and some paint samples for our breezeway. i'm thinking a pumpkin color. anyone have a good color you've used? i'm looking at benjamin moore - just because they have samples!

did you mail your christmas cards yet? mine went out on friday - yes i'm that freaky person that you get a christmas card from before december 1st. this year it was imperative because i never sent out change of address cards and we moved.

back at work today. trying to keep up with all my reading. the piles just keep growing.

tonight i need to run some errands and hopefully go to bed early just to feel a little better tomorrow. :) if my american crafts pens come they will have to wait until tomorrow night i guess. i just feel a bit weak and woozy.

see i'm trying to update more regularly! ;)

Friday, November 24, 2006

the day after thanksgiving

well we had a great thanksgiving this year. we never left the house and we never changed out of our pajamas. it rained all day. it was a day filled with relaxation - videos, computer games, board games, and pretend play. no guests and minimal cooking. fun! that's us in our pj's at the end of the day.
no black friday shopping for me either. we really only have the boys and a few other gifts to pick up. i have to wrap and box some items up to ship but we are very close.
today i went to the grocery store with sam. i made 12 gift card holder type cards this afternoon. then we went to westmoor park - a local farm with hiking trails - sam loved the animals and adam begged for a walk in the woods - it was muddy but fun. we took the boys for hot chocolate after - then came home and had leftover turkey. tonight i'm planning on just doing nothing!
on the scrapbooking front, december 1st approaches - i'll be loading my poppy ink work and my layouts for scrapjazz. i'm waiting on some glitter gem markers for american crafts for an assignment - if you've used these please tell me about them. i would love to start something so when they get here i can just add them to my already completed work. scrapjazz should be sending me a purple cow combination cutter - anyone have one? it's supposed to be awesome - i'll have to write a review. i'm really not motivated to just scrap lately - if it's not an assignment or a lift for a birthday i seem to be of the mind set to say oh well - whatever. i think it's the new job stress and how tired i am keeping me from doing anything major.
ok that's all for now. sorry i haven't been great about keeping up with this. not much going on. kind of quiet around here and busy with new job, holidays, etc. take care!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

new job

well i started my new job yesterday. this means even further blog neglect most likely. you should see the stack of reading i have to do. big big big pile - maybe 1000 pages.

not much to report here. working on my scrapjazz assignments one left and then my poppy ink december kit should arrive in a few days. the weekend will be consumed with it i'm sure.

Monday, November 06, 2006

the purple bead

phone rings at 2:30pm this afternoon.

i hear, "hello, mrs. Smith. this is the school nurse. adam gave us quite a scare this afternoon."

oh no that's all i'm thinking....

"in 15 years of nursing i have never dealt with this situation. adam had a purple bead up his nose."

ok so i laughed...

"he said it fell in his nose."

ok so now i'm trying not to snort...

"i had to call the medical consultant because i didn't know what to do. he recommended pepper..."

about to pee my pants here...

"and then to try blowing hard. i decided to try the blowing hard first. the bead popped right out."

then i asked how he was doing. if he was back in class. everything was fine.

apparently he thought it would be amusing to do this - make his classmates laugh. instead he ended up crying and having to be escorted to the nurse's office. he said he'll never do it again and when i asked him what can you put in your nose he said "only air mommy." kindergarten and he's sticking things up his nose and lying about it. oy vey!