Friday, November 24, 2006

the day after thanksgiving

well we had a great thanksgiving this year. we never left the house and we never changed out of our pajamas. it rained all day. it was a day filled with relaxation - videos, computer games, board games, and pretend play. no guests and minimal cooking. fun! that's us in our pj's at the end of the day.
no black friday shopping for me either. we really only have the boys and a few other gifts to pick up. i have to wrap and box some items up to ship but we are very close.
today i went to the grocery store with sam. i made 12 gift card holder type cards this afternoon. then we went to westmoor park - a local farm with hiking trails - sam loved the animals and adam begged for a walk in the woods - it was muddy but fun. we took the boys for hot chocolate after - then came home and had leftover turkey. tonight i'm planning on just doing nothing!
on the scrapbooking front, december 1st approaches - i'll be loading my poppy ink work and my layouts for scrapjazz. i'm waiting on some glitter gem markers for american crafts for an assignment - if you've used these please tell me about them. i would love to start something so when they get here i can just add them to my already completed work. scrapjazz should be sending me a purple cow combination cutter - anyone have one? it's supposed to be awesome - i'll have to write a review. i'm really not motivated to just scrap lately - if it's not an assignment or a lift for a birthday i seem to be of the mind set to say oh well - whatever. i think it's the new job stress and how tired i am keeping me from doing anything major.
ok that's all for now. sorry i haven't been great about keeping up with this. not much going on. kind of quiet around here and busy with new job, holidays, etc. take care!


Anonymous said...

lovely to hear from you celeste!

your family look so wonderful - very loving! It's so strange to see you all into warm pj's when we are all wearing our summer ones here in australia - happy thankgiving!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute pic C! Sounds like you had a perfectly cozy holiday weekend. :)
I can't wait to see your new pages, and I am so on the same wavelength about scrapping right now too- it's really on the back burner for me as well. When the time's right it will happen right?