Friday, May 25, 2007

i've been tagged

by hillary

1. regular or diet soda: rarely drink soda but when i do it's regular - ginger ale or root beer.
2. salt or pepper: i like both.
3. hot or cold weather: can i say in between. i like hot but only if there is air conditioning inside to go into to cool off. and i like cold if there is heat! lol
4. dogs or cats: cats. dogs are too much work.
5. dieting or exercise: neither - yeah i'm ok with being fat.
6. cooking or doing dishes: dishes - i
7. sleeping or shopping: sleeping - i remember when i used to get to sleep.
8. red lobster or outback steakhouse: ick.
9. classical or hip hop music: classical
10. dancing or playing sports: dancing
11. back rub or foot rub: back rub, but only because dh rubs my feet a lot.
12. fruits or vegetables: fruits
13. grey's anatomy or house: grey's anatomy. but i do watch house.
14. coffee or tea: coffee in the morning, tea the rest of the day
15. curling up with a good book or a night out on the town: book
16. straight hair or curly hair: straight
17. skirts or shorts: shorts - i only own one skirt.
18. burgers/hotdogs or chinese food: chinese food
19. vacationing in switzerland or mexico: mexico - love the beach
20. sports car or suv: sports car - better gas mileage at least.

Friday, May 18, 2007

what a week

i feel like i've had the best week. martha stewart - last friday - my layout on tv! i won. what a fun fun fun day. then guest garden girl at two peas this week and that mag assignment from simple scrapbooks. i don't think it can get any better. oh wait it does tonight i'm going to a crop with some of my online friends at a great lss near the shore. i can't wait. the next 8 hours better cruise on by!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

incredible week - whee!

well i can't reveal specifics but this has been an incredible week for me in terms of scrappin' goodness. i feel like the planets are aligning finally and maybe just maybe all of my hard work both scrappin' and posting has paid off. all will be revealed soon.

i can share one - beth proudfoot gave me an assignment for her simple scrapbooks color inspiration column. i adore beth's work and that she thinks highly enough of mine to give me this opportunity really pumps me up. it's such validation!

i've been really busy scrappin' this week. i have to work on that assignment (due tuesday.) i hope i finish before saturday because there is an online crop at scrapgal. i'm hosting the crop - there will be challenges, prizes, and chats. so come on over. on friday evening, i'll be posting a couple of jumpstart challenges. then saturday i'll post ten challenges throughout the day. two chats one at 3pm EST and one at 8pm EST - we'll draw the winners at the second chat. hope you can come over and at least say hi. i'm hoping i get to do a few of the challenges as well.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

three things i know for sure

three year olds whine. the day they turn three there is a little switch in their little brains that turns on - it's the whining switch - it takes one year for the switch to turn off. instead of asking for something they whine. instead of talking they whine. oy vey - it gives me a headache. this i know for sure.

boys smell. yes they do - it's a weird mixture of dirt, sweat, toe jam and other assorted ick. if they are not bathed daily and do not wash their hair, the house starts to smell funky. this i know for sure.

my boys are a disaster. if there is a clean surface in my house, it will only be clean for as long as it takes the boys to enter the house. if you wash the floor, they will walk in with muddy boots. if you scrub the toilet, they will leave the seat down and miss terribly. if you clean the sink, they will decide to clean the mud pie plate in it. if you make their bed, they will jump on it. if you organize their toys, they will dump them all in a big pile ("i'm making a mountain mommy.") if you change their shirt to go to a function, they will spill juice on it or use the clean shirt to wipe their dirty little hands. this i know for sure.

don't get me wrong, i do love them, but geez.