Friday, September 29, 2006


that's all ditto.

Monday, September 25, 2006

ear infection

blah. it hurts - the doc said it might pop. yikes. going to bed.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


yep we went candlepin bowling today. adam loved it, sam loved getting candy. he didn't like that his ball kept getting stuck half way down the lane. i won. dh didn't like that. lol

we also went for a walk in the woods today at a local park/farm. the boys enjoyed seeing all the animals and we found a deer skull too - which was really cool in a creepy sort of way.

tonight sam crashed at 5pm - he's still sleeping i'm sure we'll be paying for that later. think it was all that fresh air?

desperate housewives premieres tonight - if it doesn't get better i'm not watching.

cleaning my scraproom now quick before it starts. i'm done with october assignments. i wish i felt better about it. not sure why i'm so off - hopefully this week will bring a better mood.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


that's how i feel a little blue. not sure why - it was just not a great day. i don't feel like scrappin' and i'm totally unmotivated. i probably should just go to bed.

Friday, September 22, 2006

noses and anniversaries

let's start with the anniversary. it's my 10th wedding anniversary today! i can't believe it - where has the time gone. terry doesn't read my blog - i won't let him - but happy anniversary, t. love you bunches. tonight we are taking the kids out to a restaurant with a waiter and all - wish us luck!

noses. ugh i'm coughing again. most of you don't know the saga and i won't bore you with the epic story. bottom line: went to the ent today. i'm going back on the acid reflux medication if that doesn't help then asthma testing - then if that is all wrong sinus surgery. yay. just kidding - but maybe something will pan out and i'll stop coughing like this all the time.

it's's friday! woot! no big weekend plans - soccer games, playdates, hikes, perhaps the Big "E" (think huge state fair) and errands/chores of course. would love to get some scrappin' in somewhere. i've got a photoswap, a lift, and a challenge to create before the next set of assignments starts again.

have a great weekend - i might blog we'll see.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


well i just read the hof rules for this year and i am not feeling a spark. i'm sitting this year out. i just don't have it in me and i'm super busy with commitments. i also don't think i'm scrappin' at that level and the idea i had for hof this year does not fit the rules so i'm not going to pursue it. good luck to all of you who enter.

on the homefront, adam is reading - i bought him the dick and jane books this past weekend and we've read all 12 of them together. i'm so excited for him and he's just too cute reading - all proud,. i'll have to get a picture of him. bad lighting at night though lol.

sam is feeling much better - thanks to all of you for the thoughts and concern. he's running around and having fun - he had a great time at school today.

terry is waiting for me to watch survivor- we taped it. so fun to watch grey's this evening. i thought it was a little bit of a nothing episode - seems the canucks watched episode two go figure.

work stinks. i am really unhappy - cross your fingers that something better happens soon.

finished my provo craft projects for memory trends tonight. they turned out pretty good. if you are at memory trends go to the provo craft booth and take a look. mine are the road trip themed layouts. there is one of me at 21 leaning up against dh's bus - very cute. i'm so thin. sigh.

ok more later. bye.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

at home

well i'm at home today as predicted. sam still has a fever and is coughing. the doctor says no ear or chest infection though so that's good. we are going to go out today and do some errands and get lunch. he needs to get out.

then i'll pick adam up a little early and sam can take a short nap. he was up too late last night because terry let him sleep for three hours on the afternoon. here's hoping he's better by tomorrow.

had a st toot last night for january 2007 - family matters. i didn't publicly toot - i think i'm over that it just makes people feel bad. and really no one cares if i'm pubbed or not - just me. it took me forever to find the layout they requested - i thought i had lost it. lol then it had a spelling error so i had to find the right shade of blue and fix it - not easy - but it's done.

tonight i'm hoping to get started on my provo craft work for memory trends. i'm hoping that it goes quickly. i need to come up with some ideas and find photos. the paper is "road trip" paper - so it might be a little challenging. they gave me paper, ribbon and huge alphas. so i'm going to have to make my own embellishments.

here's a american crafts layout i finished last night. i love how the paper is so crisp on the white.

sam's so busy this morning - i hope that means he's feeling better. i wish this fever would break. he's gathering stuff and bringing it into the family room from all over the house. he plays so well independently.

ok that's all...i gotta start getting something done around here. laundry to put away and straigtening to do everywhere!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

hmmm...not much going on

sam is sick today. poor guy - that's twice in two weeks. not sure what's going on but he has quite a fever and even on the tylenol - he's quite hot. dh is home with him today and most likely i'll stay home tomorrow.

i have no scrapbooking mojo - not sure what happened but it's gone. i did do two layouts last night for design team work - they aren't stellar, but they're done. i am working on a sketch, title and some journaling here so hopefully i'll get to my last design team assignment before my provo craft memory trends box gets here.

last night, i watched studio 60. did you? i thought it was quite good. i couldn't believe the cast! amazing...i think that the matthew perry/bradley whitford combo is going to be so fun to watch. not a huge fan of amanda peet - in fact the more i watch her the more annoying she seems. i'll be tuning in on mondays!

and about the tv. i've been harassing dh to put a cable hookup in my studio. i really can't stand moving a bunch of stuff to the family room or my bedroom to watch tv. i think it would be good to have it on in the background - maybe help with my creativity. i always forget to put music on. that's something i should do more as well.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

of amusement parks and big piles of dirt

yesterday dh and i went to six flags alone. my sister took the kids. i rode one rollercoaster (superman ride of steel) and hurt my neck. i was out of the game for the rest of the day - guess i'm getting old. we went out to dinner at a place that we enjoy. we watched a movie at home - the 40 year old virgin - which was amusing. we had fun though and it was nice to have 24 hours without the kids. so that was our 10th anniversary celebration.

dh had 20 cubic yards of top soil dumped in our front yard on friday. the kids and dh spent the morning digging in the dirt and trying to spread it. the amount of dirt being tracked through my house right now is awful. the kids are both grumpy and tired from their overnight at my sister's. and the amount of work involved with what dh is doing is tiresome and he does not see the importance of the things i need to get done. it's frustrating. now he's saying he's taking them bowling. sam needs a nap and adam should just veg - he's exhausted. now they are going bowling - i refuse to go - it's going to be one meltdown after another.

i'm off to run errands in a bit. then home to finish up chores and such.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Survivor: Cook Islands

All I have to say is pure marketing genius. Ratings for Survivor were slipping. The producers thought of dividing along ethicity thinking that would bring them press and create a stir. Folks that might not have watched tuned in to see how this was going to be handled. Just pure marketing genius! Is it shocking? Yes! Was that the point? Yes!

That being said I haven't missed a season - so I was watching anyway.

I think that the whole premise is somewhat hokey. I also thought it interesting that the Caucasian team has mostly young people and no one who is physically unfit - the African Americans had the gentleman who was voted off (not fit), the Latin Americans have the heavy metal guy (unfit) and the Asian Americans have an older person (Cowboy.) Seems like the deck is loaded for the Caucasian team.

As for the stereotype element, I believe that it probably isn't happening as much as you would think. Of course, the producers are not editing it out. They want the shock value. As well, you are not seeing any of it in context. A key discussion before or after may have been left out.

As well, the players may have been told to say things or encouraged at any rate. To believe that some of this is not scripted is really naive.

Okay that's my two cents.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

curriculum night

well i've been super anxious about adam. today when i picked him up the after school teacher said he's a sweetheart, but he's a bit of a loner. i felt so bad - he seems to love afterschool.

tonight we went to curriculum night. i told the teacher and she said adam has no trouble making friends in class. he could be tired after school or overwhelmed give it some time. that made me feel better. then i asked about his behavior in class and she said he was well behaved sometimes he daydreams, but he's really smart. that made me feel a lot better.

also learned a lot about his day and how it goes. i came home completely proud of him. we sat together and read the list of words he needs to know before the end of kindergarten and he already knows half of them! amazing!

so this post is about my big boy, and how thrilled i am. yay!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

busy busy

well i'm trying to keep up with all my chores and responsibilities outside of work. it's crazy.

i made a couple signs for the pto tonight. i'm the chairperson - can you believe it? yes i'm crazy - always take on too much.

then i had to send in a photo of sam on his summer vacation. so i photoshopped up this for the board...notice the lowercase bwa ha ha!

i've sketched out my ck birthday layout and plan on printing the photos and putting it together after the kids go to bed. should be relatively easy - i'm not going to fuss - i don't have high hopes for it anyway - it's somewhat themed! if you can believe that!

then i hope to get to bed at a reasonable time.

if you haven't voted head over to creating keepsakes and vote in the ck reader's choice awards. oh and if you feel like it, feel free to write in poppy ink for favorite kit and check american crafts where they are listed! ;) i'd appreciate it!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

we have a winner

peg manrique - you've won a rak from me! :) i'll probably have to track peg down elsewhere as i'm sure she doesn't check in here everyday! lol

anyway, that was a dismal failure - next time i'll post on two peas and get more people to comment. but this was an experiment. so two people read my blog this weekend. blah.

last night i finished up my poppy ink assignments. i have to take a photo of my altered notebook and i'm done. poppy ink really challenges me and stretches me. i'm wondering if i should do it last each month instead of first. it's really somewhat draining.

this afternoon i'm heading over to the state house during lunch for the soul purpose of photographing pigeons. pigeons? yes pigeons. you'll see. ;)

sam continues to amaze me with how quickly he trained - dry all day at school yesterday again. his teacher said he's using his words more too - which is awesome. he used to just screech when he was mad - now he's saying "i don't like that."

adam is doing well at school. he did get in a little trouble on the playground yesterday for picking up the traffic cones which apparently is against the rules. he is telling us more about his day too.

i'm at work - not fun. hope everyone has a great tuesday!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


oh it's a lovely fallish day on the cape. we just got back from the beach. sam loved playing in the sand. he was making "pasta" pie. he kept saying yummy, delicious - of course i had to tell him not to actually drink the sea water and put his tongue on the sand and seaweed (pasta). we're all tired and we are leaving for home shortly. then it will be a mad dash to get ready for tomorrow - back to school and work for all of us. i'll post a pic of sam being silly when i get home.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


what a beautiful day here on cape cod. we went to a family fun day at the beach - the kids enjoyed the juggler, the ice cream, and digging in the sand. it was a little windy though.

terry is off fishing with adam and i'm here with sam occupying his time until they return.

hey i know some people are lurking *coughrachelcough* so say hi. i'm starting to get a complex and feel like i'm talking to the computer. lol

post here before monday at noon est and adam will choose a number from the number of posters. then i'll send you a nice rak!

Friday, September 08, 2006


yay it's friday.

boo hiss i'm at work and i'm swamped. miss a day - come back to a mess.

sam's fever broke last night and he's great today. i would say we are potty trained almost completely. yay!

adam's school is having a fundraiser - it's gift wrap and chocolates. if any of you kind souls out there would like to support him - i'm hoping he can sell 10 items and get a prize. anyway, please note in your comment or contact me directly for the information. over 50% of the price is donated to the school. thanks!

busy busy. enjoy your friday - and the start to the weekend!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

i'm home today...

...with a sick little guy who is hopefully recovering. we haven't done much - we went to the library and mcdonald's for lunch. sam is doing awesome with potty training! i'm so stoked.

i organized all of my stamps into target document boxes - i'm psyched - now if i ever use them it will be a miracle!

i posted my first official design team layout for american crafts today. yay me! i think it's pretty cool if i do say so myself - very me. i love it. here it is...

i've straightened up the house a bit. i've got laundry and dishes going. we have a school picnic tonight so we're having pizza - i'm trying to make it so when we get home we just take the kids upstairs and start the bedtime routine without any chores to do after.

i finished my altered item for poppy ink and i'm working on my next layout. i have the photo picked out for the fourth. big sigh of relief cactus pnik pushed off my month of designing until october. yay! the box should come sometime early next week.

well back to cleaning and potty training. tomorrow is friday! woot!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

fake hump day

it's not really hump day but we are closer to the weekend at any rate.

sam had a fever in the night - we gave him some motrin and he woke up fine. terry stayed home from work with him today. i hope that he doesn't have another fever today or i will be home tomorrow.

adam was able to tell me more details about school yesterday. he doesn't seem thrilled about it and when he woke up this morning he said, "it's not the weekend yet, right?" doh!

my sister, justine, is taking an online photoshop class and she doesn't have photoshop. she came over last night and had dinner and worked on her class. she doesn't seem to be getting very far. the boys came in and saw what she was working on and asked why the picture looked funny - not what she wanted to hear!

i finished the first layout for poppy ink for october. so fun...these kits really challenge me which is like a love-hate thing as i struggle through the layouts - luckily the end result is usually worth it! i started my altered project - pushed a lot of paper around and went to bed. i have an idea though so i think that tonight will go quickly.

my cactus pink box didn't arrive - i hope it's not lost in the mail.

today i have meetings from 11:30-4 at work - oh joy. i'm sure that's going to be fun!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

another day in paradise

it's very hard to type all in lowercase. try it you'll see - your hands simply want to push that shift key - i'll tell you.

i'm at work. ugh. i hope the day goes quickly. my vertigo is acting up - i'm really feeling dizzy and nauseous. i'm not pregnant so don't ask. :)

adam is back at school today and drop off was a success. terry left him playing sponge bob monopoly at before care. he'll have after care at his school today - i hope it goes well.

sam went in with 10 pairs of underwear, 10 pairs shorts, 10 pairs socks, three extra pairs of shoes, and 8 extra tops. i hope he doesn't go through that many. but at least i'm not the one having to clean up the puddles.

terry freaked me out this weekend. he started looking at the backdoor to our breezeway - investigating one piece of rotted wood. he lifted floorboards, uncovered more. clean it all out, cut new floor joists, bought plywood and is now completely redoing the breezeway. sigh. i really just wanted my kitchen painted and now we are talking pergo, molding, painting, light fixtures, etc. huge huge project. looking at about $1000. i told him after he's finished he's painting the kitchen with me - no excuses.

i'm plugging away at my design team assignments. i finished provo craft for next month and started poppy ink. wait until you see the october kit - it is positively gorgeous. heather burch is the queen of product mixing and funky embellishments. i'm having so much fun and i haven't even finished a layout!

Here's a Provo Craft layout - my favorite of the batch this month...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i'm guest designer for cactus pink for september. i'm starting to think my box is lost in the mail. i haven't received it yet and the projects are due on the 14th. please send me good mailman vibes that it arrives today! i really need to knock that one out. if it doesn't arrive today i'll have to email them.

next weekend, terry is taking the boys to the cape on saturday on an overnight to see his brother (who is in with his family from colorado). i made the decision not to go. i told him he would have a better time without me. i can't stand flying by the seat of my pants and i get really ugly when forced to - his brother is notorious for sleeping in late and sitting around. so i told him to just go and i'll stay home. i'll miss the boys but excited to have free time to scrap and i need to clothes shop. i still have to do all the chores - but at least i won't be running around serving meals and cleaning up messes. can you tell i'm excited?

have a great tuesday (that feels like a monday!)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

sunday sunday

well i don't think i accomplished anything today - absolutely nothing. i continued to potty train sam, made a card, went to walmart, painted sam's tote bag for school, took a nap and here i am. i also updated my blog a little. see the pic and the links? go me!

have you seen the new american crafts minimarks? they are in at scrapgal. i want them. but it would be silly to order them as i'm sure some are going to be on their way fairly soon. yay! how great will it be to open the first box?

i played with the cricut last night. i must say i don't think it could be any easier to use. i cut a flower, some alphas and some shapes. really cool and to think that provo craft sent me one - it's really cool to be on design teams! thanks provo craft!

hope everyone enjoys their labor day tomorrow!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

potty training!

well the teachers at school told me yesterday that we should try sam in underwear for the long weekend. they feel he's really ready. so this morning we started - we've only had two accidents so far - but we've been taking him every 30 minutes. i'm hoping he'll tell me he has to go at some point today.

he's so proud of himself and does not want a diaper so that's a good thing.

Friday, September 01, 2006

feel like a dodged a bullet

today was an interesting day. i woke up not feeling so hot. the vertigo is back with a vengeance - not lasted most of the day and i almost feel nauseous from it.

adam started school for real today. i dropped him off at the before school program and he met the teachers and students. he was great about shaking everyone's hand and saying hi. he even looked the adults in the eye - a hard thing for a little guy. the director was so impressed - she said she couldn't believe he was a kindergartner! she called later to offer us a spot in the afterschool program - she said "adam's a doll." my boy - a doll! anyhow, by moving him into the program we end up saying a lot of money not having to bus him to another program. i'm thrilled - we even were able to get a refund for the membership and what not at the other program.

the rest of adam's day may as well not have happened. he had absolutely no details to share. oh he went outside and kicked a ball around. he ate lunch. that's it. even asking him 100 questions didn't help he doesn't remember anything!

sam is really upset that adam isn't at pre-school with him anymore. he keeps asking for him. there is underwear in sam's immediate future - i'm psyched wouldn't it be great if i could get him trained for tuesday??

i had an mri this morning. i have been getting frequent migraines and this vertigo coupled with sinus pain. having an mri is not fun. that tube is awful. i closed my eyes the entire half hour i was in there and tried to visualize the rooms in my childhood house.

the mri showed my brain was normal. well at least it looks normal - goodness knows that my brain probably needs a little shrinking! the only problem was what the doctor called sinus disease - i think it's just an infection so i'm on stronger antibiotics and hopefully it will help with the vertigo as well. feel like i dodged a big old cancerous bullet.

after dinner we went to target. how come i can't restrain myself at target? we spent $182 plus bought adam a $50 video game. $182 got us...
* 21 pairs of underwear for sam - we are starting potty training this weekend as requested by his teachers. hence the large number - we have to leave 10 pairs at least at daycare on tuesday.
* two pairs of pjs for adam
* one sweatshirt for sam
* one sweatshirt for me
* pair of sneakers for sam
* 6 glass jars for buttons
* a cute little notebook to alter
* a really cool frame (on sale) that i'm going to alter for poppy ink - it's magnetic and oh wait until you see it.
* hair dye - you didn't think i was this non-grey did you?
* one large container of laundry detergent
* 4 shirts for adam for school
* 24 cheap pens
* 3 bags candy (potty treats - and i know it's not right - i tried to bribe him with little dinosaurs - nothing doing the kid won't go unless there are treats - for now.)
i think that's it. doesn't seem like much but it adds up quick.

i feel icky so i didn't scrap tonight. i did take all of the cricut cartridges out of their plastic - i hope to play with it some tomorrow! fun stuff.

ok so i wrote a novel. :p