Wednesday, September 06, 2006

fake hump day

it's not really hump day but we are closer to the weekend at any rate.

sam had a fever in the night - we gave him some motrin and he woke up fine. terry stayed home from work with him today. i hope that he doesn't have another fever today or i will be home tomorrow.

adam was able to tell me more details about school yesterday. he doesn't seem thrilled about it and when he woke up this morning he said, "it's not the weekend yet, right?" doh!

my sister, justine, is taking an online photoshop class and she doesn't have photoshop. she came over last night and had dinner and worked on her class. she doesn't seem to be getting very far. the boys came in and saw what she was working on and asked why the picture looked funny - not what she wanted to hear!

i finished the first layout for poppy ink for october. so fun...these kits really challenge me which is like a love-hate thing as i struggle through the layouts - luckily the end result is usually worth it! i started my altered project - pushed a lot of paper around and went to bed. i have an idea though so i think that tonight will go quickly.

my cactus pink box didn't arrive - i hope it's not lost in the mail.

today i have meetings from 11:30-4 at work - oh joy. i'm sure that's going to be fun!

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