Tuesday, September 12, 2006

we have a winner

peg manrique - you've won a rak from me! :) i'll probably have to track peg down elsewhere as i'm sure she doesn't check in here everyday! lol

anyway, that was a dismal failure - next time i'll post on two peas and get more people to comment. but this was an experiment. so two people read my blog this weekend. blah.

last night i finished up my poppy ink assignments. i have to take a photo of my altered notebook and i'm done. poppy ink really challenges me and stretches me. i'm wondering if i should do it last each month instead of first. it's really somewhat draining.

this afternoon i'm heading over to the state house during lunch for the soul purpose of photographing pigeons. pigeons? yes pigeons. you'll see. ;)

sam continues to amaze me with how quickly he trained - dry all day at school yesterday again. his teacher said he's using his words more too - which is awesome. he used to just screech when he was mad - now he's saying "i don't like that."

adam is doing well at school. he did get in a little trouble on the playground yesterday for picking up the traffic cones which apparently is against the rules. he is telling us more about his day too.

i'm at work - not fun. hope everyone has a great tuesday!

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