Sunday, September 17, 2006

of amusement parks and big piles of dirt

yesterday dh and i went to six flags alone. my sister took the kids. i rode one rollercoaster (superman ride of steel) and hurt my neck. i was out of the game for the rest of the day - guess i'm getting old. we went out to dinner at a place that we enjoy. we watched a movie at home - the 40 year old virgin - which was amusing. we had fun though and it was nice to have 24 hours without the kids. so that was our 10th anniversary celebration.

dh had 20 cubic yards of top soil dumped in our front yard on friday. the kids and dh spent the morning digging in the dirt and trying to spread it. the amount of dirt being tracked through my house right now is awful. the kids are both grumpy and tired from their overnight at my sister's. and the amount of work involved with what dh is doing is tiresome and he does not see the importance of the things i need to get done. it's frustrating. now he's saying he's taking them bowling. sam needs a nap and adam should just veg - he's exhausted. now they are going bowling - i refuse to go - it's going to be one meltdown after another.

i'm off to run errands in a bit. then home to finish up chores and such.

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Anonymous said...

thats too funny about the amusement park..i don't think i'd even attempt getting on one of those things, lol! hope you neck's okay.