Tuesday, September 19, 2006

hmmm...not much going on

sam is sick today. poor guy - that's twice in two weeks. not sure what's going on but he has quite a fever and even on the tylenol - he's quite hot. dh is home with him today and most likely i'll stay home tomorrow.

i have no scrapbooking mojo - not sure what happened but it's gone. i did do two layouts last night for design team work - they aren't stellar, but they're done. i am working on a sketch, title and some journaling here so hopefully i'll get to my last design team assignment before my provo craft memory trends box gets here.

last night, i watched studio 60. did you? i thought it was quite good. i couldn't believe the cast! amazing...i think that the matthew perry/bradley whitford combo is going to be so fun to watch. not a huge fan of amanda peet - in fact the more i watch her the more annoying she seems. i'll be tuning in on mondays!

and about the tv. i've been harassing dh to put a cable hookup in my studio. i really can't stand moving a bunch of stuff to the family room or my bedroom to watch tv. i think it would be good to have it on in the background - maybe help with my creativity. i always forget to put music on. that's something i should do more as well.


Anonymous said...

Celeste! I didn' t know you had a blog! So happy I stumbled upon it. Sorry to hear about your little guy.

Anonymous said...

ha! I completely agree with you about Studio 60 - I thought Matthew and Bradley were great and Amanada Peet was unconvincing. Maybe she'll grow into the character.

Oh and congrats on the ST toot!