Wednesday, September 20, 2006

at home

well i'm at home today as predicted. sam still has a fever and is coughing. the doctor says no ear or chest infection though so that's good. we are going to go out today and do some errands and get lunch. he needs to get out.

then i'll pick adam up a little early and sam can take a short nap. he was up too late last night because terry let him sleep for three hours on the afternoon. here's hoping he's better by tomorrow.

had a st toot last night for january 2007 - family matters. i didn't publicly toot - i think i'm over that it just makes people feel bad. and really no one cares if i'm pubbed or not - just me. it took me forever to find the layout they requested - i thought i had lost it. lol then it had a spelling error so i had to find the right shade of blue and fix it - not easy - but it's done.

tonight i'm hoping to get started on my provo craft work for memory trends. i'm hoping that it goes quickly. i need to come up with some ideas and find photos. the paper is "road trip" paper - so it might be a little challenging. they gave me paper, ribbon and huge alphas. so i'm going to have to make my own embellishments.

here's a american crafts layout i finished last night. i love how the paper is so crisp on the white.

sam's so busy this morning - i hope that means he's feeling better. i wish this fever would break. he's gathering stuff and bringing it into the family room from all over the house. he plays so well independently.

ok that's all...i gotta start getting something done around here. laundry to put away and straigtening to do everywhere!


Anonymous said...

I hope Sam gets better soon, it's no fun when they are sick. Love that new page "10 plagues"

Oh and I read, just forget to post that I read -- LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and since I can't edit my comments, congrats on the layout being pubbed in ST. That was one of my favorites :)

Anonymous said...

Sure hope Same feels better soon! You deserve to Toot!! WTG being published!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the LO getting pubbed!!