Friday, February 16, 2007

online crop this weekend

Scrap Garden is having an online crop this weekend -- it is being sponsored by Croppin Frenzy. There are some awesome challenges, games and lots of random goodies being given away this weekend. Come play at .:Scrap Garden:.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


excitement! my first magazine assignment! yay! i sent the layout off yesterday to memory makers. i was so nervous, but it all worked out. i also had 5 layouts picked up for an mm book – fun stuff!

packages should start rolling in this week. a scrapgal order, some bam pop, march poppy ink kit and a swap rak too! all that cha goodness – i can’t wait! heck, maybe my big box from american crafts too!

i’m in a little bit of a holding pattern here - waiting on product so i can get my march work done. in the meantime, i’ve been organizing some and sketching out designs.

we are headed to pennsylvania on saturday for the long weekend. we are attending the baptism of our new nephew clayton. sam and adam are looking forward to meeting the little guy. sam thinks clayton is going to play with him (clayton will be around 8 weeks old!) adam keeps calling him caitlin! my funny, funny boys. i can’t wait to get some pics of the little guy.

work is blah – all those competitor earnings calls. sigh. i’ll be glad to be done with them.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

holy mackerel

it's been over two weeks. so sorry i guess i have no excuse just laziness. mel gave me a nudge - thanks mel!

exciting goings on this am here at the smith household. but let's look back a little first...

two years ago after baseball they had a fair and there were people giving things out. one of them was this litle tooth holder shaped like a tooth. the other night i checked adam's tooth and saw that it was wiggly. he shot up out of bed (we were reading) climbed up on this table in his room and brought the tooth down and said "guess i'll be needing this soon!" i was so surprised that he had kept it and remembered where it was. i was giggling - he was so excited!

well back to this am, my niece, lila, "helped" adam and pulled his tooth right out. how funny is that? so while taking photos of him and the tooth. i took one of her with the tooth holder. if i'm motivated later i'll try and post them.

nothing going on in the scrappin' world for me. i did post my poppy ink and scrapgal layouts for february. fun stuff. i just had a lot of fun this month and didn't worry - which felt liberating. i'm going to try and aproach it like that next month.

cha - oh my - huh? my list is a mile long. i even bought some of the new american crafts even though i'll be sent a bunch. couldn't wait! here's some of the's available right now at scrapgal - run don't walk. carly will get it in the mail to you today probably if you order this am. you'll have it in your hot little hands on tuesday! she's the speediest shipper on the net.

i've seen the scenic route out there. it's coming soon. i'm trying to be good and not buy what i won't use. not buying full collections of paper and mostly embellishments since that is really what i need more of. so my list includes 7 gypsies, hambly grids and rub ons, scenic route, the creative imaginations scalloped paper, ki, love elsie, bam pop, pizzazzill, sassafras lass, makimg memories, autumn leaves journal stamps, gin-x as you wish, project essentials (office linle from imagination project), heidi swapp and i will be buying a lime green cropodile. no bg, no mme, nothing distressed! i don't do distressed well and i have volumes of it! i'm super energized about the new lines. can't wait to get them and play.

the sinuses - the cat scan showed nothing. not enough sinus disease and a slightly deviated septum so no surgery for me - it's a wait in see. in the meantime, i'm coughing again. my md prescribed tessalon. it seems to be working a little better than nothing. i'm doing a lot better than i have in the past. so i'll take it. sinus pain is ick - sinusitis - no infection - so that's good.

this weekend - no plans. i hope to clean out a closet, help adam with valentine's cards for his teachers and of course his homework, and go through the kids clothes - wish they'd stop growing!

we have snow on the ground here for the first time this year. i'm sure the boys will be out playing in it this afternoon.

hope all is well with you!