Tuesday, October 31, 2006

you know your a bad blogger when...

people keep emailing you telling you to update.

sorry folks. life got in the way. and it seems every time i go to update blogger is down. anywho...i'm here.

let's see the ten second catch up...

scrapbooking - was asked to join the blue crew at scrapjazz woot woot didn't know they had a store, signed a contract, and had to leave scrapgal dt - i'm sad but will still be at scrapgal just not on the dt. those ladies are my home on the net. :)

i just finished 9 layouts, 21 cards, 18 gift cards, a mini-album, an mini altered clipboard, an altered box, a tag book, and a altered mini brag book for a friend who is debutting a kit. oh and that's all since thursday. (the inlaws came over the weekend or i probably would have finished more.)

tomorrow is november - this brings a new flurry of assignments. yay! going to get crackin' tomorrow.

i have a new scrapbooking goal. it's not an easy one but i'm going to work towards it. if it kills me. i'm perfect for it and i'm going to try like heck to attain it - it's not hof. and it wouldn't be until next year. so we'll see.

work - quit my job which i think i told you. last day is thursday. woot! no more wicked witch of insurance for a boss - yay! i have off about a week and then i start the new job on the 13th - sam's birthday. poor kid. we'll have to do his party at school on friday. i felt a little vertigo today so i worked from home.

life - inlaws came and went. i handled it really well. i think that i'm feeling a lot better so obviously decisions i've made are helping me.

halloween night was awesomely fun. we had about 50 kids to the door. sam was a very cute cowboy and adam was a power ranger. the pics are awful. i detest indoor nighttime flash pics - i should have dressed them up over the weekend and took pics -oh well. working from home allowed me to go to adam's halloween parade - so fun - those kindergarteners are adorable!

not much else. oh if you want a poppy ink add-on they go up tonight at midnight mst - that's 2am for us east coasters. go check them out - just divine.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

simple scrapbooks picked up an american crafts layout. great way to start my day. and blue media wants me to write a blurb for the book - yay! i've been feeling kind of down for about a week now - contemplating major changes about design teams and scrappin' and all that. maybe these two little toots were just what i needed - god knows why i need validation - it's just photos and paper and ink but sometimes it helps.

i posted a layout today for american crafts. it's not the most innovative layout - but the photo is cute and the design is classic me so...

yes that's blueberry again :)

not much else here. tonight i hope to do one more american crafts layout then i can concentrate on the gorgeous poppy ink kit that arrived yesterday. heather just keeps outdoing herself!

Monday, October 16, 2006


well i'm officially a bad blogger. sorry.

let's see the weekend came and went. we had blueberry the bear at our house this weekend. we took a ton of cute pics of the things we did with him - dinner out, raking leaves, soccer, bike riding, bowling, etc. i especially loved this one.

i made a little mini album and glued it in the journal book that was sent home with him. adam helped me tell the story. incredibly cute. well except that adam would rather be caught dead than carrying a bear around - dh and adam made up horrible stories about him - photos we could take and share with the kindergarteners. things like "this weekend daddy accidentally ran over blueberry with the lawn mower" and "we took blueberry for a ride under the car." i plan on making a little mini-album with the pictures - it was fun and actually sam adored blueberry and was sad to see him go.

i went to a crop at my online friend maryann's house. it was fun to crop with her and christi. a few of maryann's friends were there as well - newbies to scrappin'. it was energizing to see them get excited about color and pattern and design. i brought my cricut so i cut a bunch of titles and shapes for them.

sunday i went to the new michael's. although i'm not a huge michael's fan i still managed to spend $30 on nothing. it will be great for emergency items and odd crafty things i might need too - much closer than the nearest chain craft store that's for sure.

today was work. not very busy. i'm looking forward to finishing out this week and giving notice. i'm nervous and excited - i need to go clothes shopping - anyone want to come? i'm horrible at clothes shopping.

well i have to clean up a bit - i started another scrapgal layout tonight. i'll finish it up tomorrow i hope. made a huge mess - have to at least put it in a pile! then off to bed.

Friday, October 13, 2006

friday the 13th

it's friday the 13th. i'm not supersitious though. :) i hope the day goes by quickly.

tonight i'm putting the finishing touches on a layout and then i have to pack for my crop tomorrow. i have to figure out something to transport my cricut in - i'm hoping it fits in the nanavigator. if not maybe a suitcase!

i updated my template. it's still a standard blogger template - redid my links on the right as well.

my american crafts box has still not arrived. i'm hoping it comes tonight. i need a little joy right now. and that box is going to be filled with goodness.

have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

well crap

some of you know what happened others might not. just know i'm ok - mean people suck that's all i'm saying. anyway, i've made the decision that 2Ps is really awful. so i've removed all my layouts and won't post much over there. i have a lot of layouts in other places. i'm sure you'll find me. honestly, i've achieved every scrappin' goal i've set out to do. i'm not interested in contests. so i'm just going to enjoy where i'm at and let the other stuff roll off my back.

on a brighter front, i was offered a job yesterday that pays 25% more than my current position and promises to be much more fulfilling.

hope everyone is excited to watch survivor and grey's tonight...i know i am.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

finding my groove

i made a decision yesterday that finds me feeling better about everything. sometimes just vocalizing something helps. ykwim?

anyway, last night after procrastinating for about an hour, i tried a little different process while scrapping. it was fun and i think it might be a new way for me to scrap. i haven't glued anything down yet and it's for an assignment, but i'll try and lnk back to here when i do.

tonight i have parents association. the first of the year. i'm hoping it goes quickly and that everyone is happy with the status quo. i'm also making my little speech about next year and how we need to have a president elect or something so that i can transfer duties. if i happen to be there another year because sam is a november kid so be it - i'll just be a jo schmo volunteer. let's hope someone steps up to the plate!

tomorrow i get to volunteer at adam's school. i can't take my camera, but maybe i'll take a pic of the outside of the school or something so i can journal about this. as a working mother it means everything to me that i have the opportunity to do this. it's only once a month - but terry is also going once a month (he's the only dad that is going - i'm really proud of that!) but if anyone asks you where i am tomorrow, please tell them i'm at the doctors.

apparently my first american crafts box is on its way to me. kristina werner received hers and by her email i must say i'm getting very excited to open that box. of course, now the big issue - where am i going to put it so it's separate but i remember to use it. i'm going to have to invest in more storage solutions i think.

heather burch put the poppy project
for october on her blog. it is absolutely so stinkin' cute. i might splurge and buy one for myself. check it out. i love 7 gypsies and the last album i put together with the poppy project was picked up so i might just have to by this.

speaking of 7 gypsies, those 97% certifiable stamps should be arriving soon at scrapgal and i found an online store that carries the new karen russell narratives - some of it is on order but i plan on stalking until it comes in. so my wish list from cha summer will be complete. of course, memory trends is this week ha! so the list begins anew. nothing so far is a must have. i'm sure that will change as i see more though.

off to a meeting then the post office and fed ex - so if you are waiting on something from me it will be on its way!

Monday, October 09, 2006

if i ever toot again

slap me.

i was excited - i tooted - then i was really excited and edited my toot.

then someone posted an i quit post on 2ps. i know how that person feels - i feel that way about 95% of the time.

so in order not to hurt feelings and draw attention to myself in these days of crummy snotty blogs i'm not tootin ever again.

not here. not anywhere.

we'll just let people find out when it comes out.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

random thoughs

boy i haven't been good about keeping this up. of course few people if any are reading so i guess it isn't like anyone will be upset. ha!

tonight is an awesome tv night. survivor and grey's - i'd like to be able to watch ugly betty too but the kids hinder our ability to watched he beginning of an 8 o'clock show no matter how hard we try they don't go to sleep until 8:15 pm minimum.

i'd also like to get my last cactus pink layout done, all the layouts scanned and emailed off to candy. we'll see. this weekend is all about american crafts! i hope to get my two layouts done. then i'll just be waiting on my scrapgal box to work on my layouts for the newsletter - i have to write an article as well around the theme of comfort. anyone have any ideas? i really don't want to do get out of your comfort zone - i just don't feel like creating something out of my comfort zone. lol the title could be getting comfortable with _________ - fill in the blank. times like this i wish i was a technique scrapper. i always struggle with newsletter topics. ugh. maybe handwriting? i don't do enough of it because i don't really like mine. could be interesting. not sure if anyone has done that before. hmmm.

i'm at work. bored again. might have another job opportunity. don't want to jinx it but cross your fingers for me. maybe tomorrow i'll work from home. my boss isn't here - i could tell her boss today. we'll see.

ear infection is finally better but the chronic cough is back. i should call the allergist today about the methacoline challenge to detect asthma. might do that now.

lovely fall day today. i'm headed outside to get some lunch and enjoy the weather for a bit. have a great thursday everyone.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


well i didn't move on to the next round of mmidol but somehow i was ok with that. i have a lot on my plate this month. so it's all good. if you took the time to vote for me, thank you! if you didn't well phooey. just kidding!

on a great note, my chabooska layout was potd at creating keepsakes. i love when that happens!

i'm working on my guest dt gig for cactus pink. i did a lo, a card, and an altered tin with a mini-book in it. very cute. so one more layout and i'm done.

it's late i have to go to bed. g'night!

Monday, October 02, 2006

mm idol finalist

i can't believe it! wahoo! hard to show enthusiam without caps lol!

please register at the site below and vote for me before midnight tonight.
and if you’d spread the word for others to do the same that would be fantastic!
this contest was huge literally a thousand people applied – to even make it to the top twenty is incredible. i’d love to go through to the next round though. 
woot woot!