Tuesday, October 31, 2006

you know your a bad blogger when...

people keep emailing you telling you to update.

sorry folks. life got in the way. and it seems every time i go to update blogger is down. anywho...i'm here.

let's see the ten second catch up...

scrapbooking - was asked to join the blue crew at scrapjazz woot woot didn't know they had a store, signed a contract, and had to leave scrapgal dt - i'm sad but will still be at scrapgal just not on the dt. those ladies are my home on the net. :)

i just finished 9 layouts, 21 cards, 18 gift cards, a mini-album, an mini altered clipboard, an altered box, a tag book, and a altered mini brag book for a friend who is debutting a kit. oh and that's all since thursday. (the inlaws came over the weekend or i probably would have finished more.)

tomorrow is november - this brings a new flurry of assignments. yay! going to get crackin' tomorrow.

i have a new scrapbooking goal. it's not an easy one but i'm going to work towards it. if it kills me. i'm perfect for it and i'm going to try like heck to attain it - it's not hof. and it wouldn't be until next year. so we'll see.

work - quit my job which i think i told you. last day is thursday. woot! no more wicked witch of insurance for a boss - yay! i have off about a week and then i start the new job on the 13th - sam's birthday. poor kid. we'll have to do his party at school on friday. i felt a little vertigo today so i worked from home.

life - inlaws came and went. i handled it really well. i think that i'm feeling a lot better so obviously decisions i've made are helping me.

halloween night was awesomely fun. we had about 50 kids to the door. sam was a very cute cowboy and adam was a power ranger. the pics are awful. i detest indoor nighttime flash pics - i should have dressed them up over the weekend and took pics -oh well. working from home allowed me to go to adam's halloween parade - so fun - those kindergarteners are adorable!

not much else. oh if you want a poppy ink add-on they go up tonight at midnight mst - that's 2am for us east coasters. go check them out - just divine.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I seriously got tired reading all that you created recently! You really need to stop being cryptic on your posts... it drives me crazy not knowing what in the world you are talking about, lol.

Anonymous said...

yeh, I'm no good with the cryptic posts either but it is good to see you're back.

you are some scrapper !
all those layouts, cards, mini books in just a few days and with your inlaws ... holy moly ... do you sleep Celeste ?

congratulations on the new DT - I'll go and check it out.

lovely to hear from you

Marieke said...

Holy smokes, that would take me 6 months to make! You are a machine! Still sad to see you go. Very very curious as to your scrapping goal. But knowing your determination I'm sure you'll reach it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Blue Crew!!

Can't wait to see your creations from being on their team.

Glad your Halloween went well.

Anonymous said...

Huge congrats again for your new DT even if I am so sad that you leave the SGDT. I hope that we will have another opportunitie to work together ;)
Ditto Marieke, I'm curious about your new goal and I'm also sure that you will reach it sooner that you think.
I own you an e.mail. I don't have forget it. Hugo is going back to school this morning after 2 weeks on holidays so I will have a little more time for me :)
Have a wonderful day my friend.