Wednesday, January 17, 2007


adam is home with a sinus infection - poor little guy. if you've never had one consider yourself blessed. i had a cat scan on saturday and they found nothing - so i'm forced to wait and see on sinus surgery. that is a big fat suckola as far as i'm concerned. i've been coughing for almost a year and i've had multiple sinus infections every year - like 6 or 7 - for the past few years. i know the surgery isn't fun but i was hoping for a cure.

i've slowed down on my scrappin' a lot. it's been awesome to just veg and watch tv at night. i need some time away to think about what i'm doing. i am keeping up with dt responsibilities and i have another crop in a couple weeks so i'll be scrappin' some for myself. i'm just trying to keep up at this point.

not much going on here. work is hectic. home is hectic. that's life.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

the news

well i left scrapjazz. i know you are thinking that was short lived. they changed the requirements somewhat and i decided that they weren't for me. lucky for me carly and dina took me right back at scrapgal. i really really really missed being on the dt there. i so enjoy creating for the newsletter and coming up with/doing challenges. it really pushes my creativity and yes even somewhat writing articles - well not really but that's just a self-conscious thing anyway. i'm so happy to be back where i feel like i belong. never leaving again - they will have to kick me out lol.

i actually feel re-invigorated! excited for my crop on friday - all set to go too. working on my last layout for scrapjazz for a fellow jazzer. i hope to finish up and post tonight.

kind of boring and ant-climatic huh? sorry.

Friday, January 05, 2007

new year

ok it's a new year. i was going to try to get healthy and lose some weight, exercise, eat right, blah blah blah. well it isn't happening. that's all i'm saying.

scrapbook wise - status quo is where i'm at. except for photography. i have to work at this in 2007. i bought a diffuser for my flash. i'm reading a bunch and i would like to try and be comfortable shooting in manual by the end of the year. as well my photoshop skills - i want to improve them. maybe next year's goal will be digital scrapbooking. :)

i haven't been scrapping much. i feel like i'm still recovering from the holidays. ;) i have a crop next weekend - going to scrap one page this weekend for ac then pack up 16 crop packs for the crop - i might be lazy and just bring my scraps bin and some cardstock/title stuff/journaling stamps, etc. i'm not sure yet. hope to be productive.

dt changes are afoot - i'll keep you apprised when it's firm. nothing major.

and i'm still looking for another manufacturer. have a couple feelers out - we'll see.