Sunday, October 21, 2007

good reads

have you been to goodreads? i've been loving reading about what everyone else is reading. i have a "to read" bookshelf growing by the day. i went to the library for the first time in a long time yesterday with my list in hand and brought home a couple of new books to read. now i have to try and squeeze the reading time in somewhere.

i've been busy decorating my home for company over thanksgiving, reorganizing my scraproom, getting ahead with my scrapin' responsibilities, and carting the kids from birthday parties to soccer and back!

hope all is well. more later...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

sometimes i wonder

why i even suffer with a blog. i never update here and readership is low. of course maybe it would be higher if i posted more. ha!

news news news...

well if you haven't heard i've been asked to be a simple gal for simple scrapbooks magazine. what does this mean? well i'll be posting layouts in the simple studio gallery, i'll be published more regularly in the magazine, and i will be a trusted adviser to the magazine. i'm thrilled - this is my own personal hof folks. it also gets me off the hook in terms of hof and mmm as well - i'm exclusive to simple for one year.

on the homefront, we have refurnished and decorated our living room. we still need a few pieces, but it's starting to come together. as well, terry started the powder room. he painted and installed a new toilet. he has to install the sink and mirror. then it will be curtain and shower curtain hanging time. this was our mini-remodel because we have guests coming for thanksgiving.

kids are doing well. sam is not transitioning into his new room all that well. he has a temper and hits sometimes when other children do him wrong. adam is loving school. he seems to have settled right in - having the same teacher again doesn't hurt.

have a great day! :)