Saturday, December 30, 2006


receiving free products in the mail is always fun. i couldn't wait to try out the UHU stic and UHU glue roller! first i tried the UHU stic. adam (he's 5) made some thank you cards for his teachers and a couple friends. i loved that he was able to see where the glue was on the items he was gluing down and even when he was over zealous the glue dried clear and not lumpy at all. i saved the UHU roller for my poppy ink kit this month. i loved how the tape held great, but you could reposition items easily if needed. i'm so indecisive so this is a great feature! hey if they want to send me more i wouldn't be averse. ;)
if you have a blog and would like to receive free samples, visit maria filosa's blog. look for the entry dated november 2nd. maria also has demos and other cool information about UHU on her blog. :)
more later...c.

Monday, December 18, 2006

of christmas prep and letterboxes

let's see not much to update here. we've been preparing for christmas here. we wrapped all the gifts this past weekend and decorated a little gingerbread tree. i'm pretty much ready to go - just food shopping and such. huge sigh of relief. the kids are gearing up for it and can't wait to decorate the tree tonight. it's my mom's birthday today - trying to think about her a lot today. happy birthday mom - i miss you!

been working on my january scrapjazz assignment - fun new ki wild thing paper - ki was generous - the full line! i've done 7 layouts - hope to do one more and a card this week. nothing earth shattering just my usual style but fun. poppy ink january kit should arrive soon - bg blush and other awesome goodies - heather burch has done it again! i'm missing the pi girlies as the board is down until after the holidays - hope you are all well and enjoying the season.

yesterday we went letterboxing for the first time with the kids. no we weren't letting them hit each other with huge letters nor were we delivering mail. :) here's a good definition...

letterboxing enthusiasts hide and hunt weatherproof containers in remote or
scenic places. each container holds a guestbook, a rubber stamp and stamp
pad. the planter of the letterbox distributes clues to it's location. clues
can be easy to difficult; finding a letterbox may require a combinaton of
skills such as mapreading, orienteering, and puzzle-solving.

basically, you go to the website, look up a location and print the directions. off you go on a hunt for boxes. the kids loved it! i loved it! terry loved it! so much fun to have a quest during our usual tromp in the woods. so intriguing to know those boxes were hiding out there the whole time. i see a lot more of this in our future. i took a lot of pictures but didn't have time to go through them last night. who knows we might even get into geocaching - which is a similar concept, but using a gps.

work is awesome - i'm loving my new job. so much better than the last one. so much better than my prior position - i'm really excited about it!

hope you and yours are happy and healthy. have a wonderful christmas and a prosperous new year! i'll post next year. ;)

Monday, December 11, 2006

we have a winner

well update first and then i'll tell. or you can scroll down to the bottom and find out now. lol

scrappin' has taken a backseat lately. i'm too busy with the whole christmas experience to even think about it. i finished the shopping this weekend and the decorations are up. hoping to have all the presents wrapped by the end of next weekend. and we decorate the tree on monday - my mom's birthday - a little party for her - one of her last wishes to keep her grandchildren aware of the love she had for her family and christmas. fun but a little melancholy at the same time. each year should get easier - but in some ways it gets harder watching these children grow up without her.

enough of the sad...not much else to share. oh you want to know?


the winner is nicole. hey nicole hope you know how to get in touch with me. ;) i have a few questions for you and then i'll send you a lovely package.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


yep laryngitis - can't say much of anything. at least i can still type! the boys aren't listening to me - it's chaos around here. it's my first time with true laryngitis.

i finished cleaning up my scraproom, sorting stuff by color and putting stuff away from my crop. i even uploaded all 13 layouts - i found another one tucked away - to scrapgal. you can find them in my gallery there.

dh and i are off to play santa - the boys are going to my sister's and we are headed to borders, target, and toys r us. wish me luck. i'm hoping to just finish my list on this excursion - then we can get the wrapping done.

no housewives tonight and i have to iron. we'll have to resort to hgtv! ;) remember to sign up for the rak below. have a great sunday!

Saturday, December 02, 2006


i'm leaving that rak open for a week or so. So post on the thread below. it won't be a random rak - it will be specified to your tastes. so i'll be asking you questions about what you like if you win.

the lady at the crop was thrilled. i arrived first and she came after. i told her i had a box in the car and she could have it - but she had to take the whole box and I didn't want anything back. :) she said you've made my month. it made me feel good. and best part more room in my studio. yay!

i was able to complete 12 layouts - well almost - some brads and finishing touches. nothing pub-worthy mind you. just getting stuff done. i feel energized. and best part they are going to do this once a month! yay!

ok i have to stop procrastinating and clean this room so maybe i can finish up those layouts tonight.

Friday, December 01, 2006

going to a crop!

well i’m going to a crop tonight. yay! i packed up a bunch of mini-kits to bring with me. i’m hoping this kick starts my mojo a bit. it will also be fun to see some scrappin’ friends i haven’t seen in awhile.

on a spending freeze which is going to be hard while seated in an lss. lol

and as for the purging mentioned yesterday. i did a bunch of purging last night. a lot of provo craft stuff, coluzzle templates, and some odds and ends. i think there is 18+ inches of assorted pp in the pile. do you think this is crazy? i'm going to bring the box to the crop and pick one person there maybe determine who is the newest to scrapbooking - then i'm going to tell that person to come to my car and take the box. a true rak. i just can't afford to ship all this stuff out and it's all old stuff that most seasoned scrappers wouldn't want anyway.

on an unrelated note, i am going to do a rak – so post below and i’ll give a little something something to one random person. not posting this on any message boards so my loyal (few lol) readers will get first dibs.