Sunday, December 03, 2006


yep laryngitis - can't say much of anything. at least i can still type! the boys aren't listening to me - it's chaos around here. it's my first time with true laryngitis.

i finished cleaning up my scraproom, sorting stuff by color and putting stuff away from my crop. i even uploaded all 13 layouts - i found another one tucked away - to scrapgal. you can find them in my gallery there.

dh and i are off to play santa - the boys are going to my sister's and we are headed to borders, target, and toys r us. wish me luck. i'm hoping to just finish my list on this excursion - then we can get the wrapping done.

no housewives tonight and i have to iron. we'll have to resort to hgtv! ;) remember to sign up for the rak below. have a great sunday!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear for your laryngit Celeste. Hope you will feel better soon.

Have to iron too. One hmm...maybe 2 weeks late : I HATE IT :( ;)

caroline said...

oh laryngitis is poopy. i ended up getting it on my prom day. it was quite annoying having to whisper all day. grr.

feel better!

Kimberly said...

Dude. Feel better. It's going around. Everywhere. You're just getting hit left and right lately.