Saturday, December 30, 2006


receiving free products in the mail is always fun. i couldn't wait to try out the UHU stic and UHU glue roller! first i tried the UHU stic. adam (he's 5) made some thank you cards for his teachers and a couple friends. i loved that he was able to see where the glue was on the items he was gluing down and even when he was over zealous the glue dried clear and not lumpy at all. i saved the UHU roller for my poppy ink kit this month. i loved how the tape held great, but you could reposition items easily if needed. i'm so indecisive so this is a great feature! hey if they want to send me more i wouldn't be averse. ;)
if you have a blog and would like to receive free samples, visit maria filosa's blog. look for the entry dated november 2nd. maria also has demos and other cool information about UHU on her blog. :)
more later...c.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Celeste !

The uhu products look great - pity I don't have a blog - it looks great.

*Paula* said...

Thanks for the tip Celeste - I just signed up!