Friday, August 24, 2007

i'm off (*see mel your kick in the pants worked)

ok so yes i'm off in more ways than one. lol

i'm off this blog way too much. i might move it over to scrapgal they have a new blog thingy that works ok and maybe i'll update it more if i'm over there?

i'm off my routine. i was sick with strep again last week and then i aggravated my plantar fasciitis - this has led to evenings spent on the couch relaxing rather than hanging out in my studio scrappin' and surfing. i also didn't get to go to my monthly crop which means not a lot of scrappin' was done this month.

i'm off on vacation for the next week sans internet access. it's going to be nice to have a break from the routine of my life and rejuvenate.

what else has been going on since my last post. not much on the scrappin' front. i had no calls really this month. a little lull - oh well.

personally i had a birthday. i was sick. it sucked. oh well. my present was the crop - it didn't happen so i'm planning another one for september. yay!

i did post this layout at the beginning of the month. thanks to all my peeps who sent in photos. you all encourage me every day and i appreciate you more than you can comprehend. it's funny how i feel so close to people yet they live so far away. this world we live in is so small in a way!

looking forward to september and getting back into the school routine with adam. no more making lunches everyday! woohoo! :)

have a great week everyone! xoxo

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

embracing the simple

for awhile there i was having a little style crisis. i was trying to hard to be something i'm not and feeling like i had something to prove to myself. i've come full circle on this. i realize that the most important piece of any layout i create is the story behind it - not the paper, glue, or even the design. i realize that i want to focus more on my writing and my photography in an effort to leave the best possible story for sam and adam.

one thing i need to work on is jotting down the little things that my family says and does more often. the stories are all there just waiting to be told. i just have a horrible short term memory.

so basically i'm embracing the simple philosophy set out by simple scrapbooks and scrappers like stacy julian, cathy zielske and others. this does not mean i won't try new things or get out of my little box once in awhile. it does mean that i'm changing up my process a it and the end result will be simpler.

i feel like a huge weight has been lifted. i am going to continue with my design work for awhile and see where it takes me. so when you see my work in the future don't be surprised that i'm back to my roots!

Friday, August 03, 2007

bad blogger

yes i've been a bad blogger. almost a month. in that month i've been busy. went to cha. met some cool people. came home and now we are in house guest mode which means cleaning cleaning cleaning. so fun. here's a pic i took of sam last night. i wish i was a better photographer and all my shots could look like this!

happy august everyone. :)