Tuesday, October 10, 2006

finding my groove

i made a decision yesterday that finds me feeling better about everything. sometimes just vocalizing something helps. ykwim?

anyway, last night after procrastinating for about an hour, i tried a little different process while scrapping. it was fun and i think it might be a new way for me to scrap. i haven't glued anything down yet and it's for an assignment, but i'll try and lnk back to here when i do.

tonight i have parents association. the first of the year. i'm hoping it goes quickly and that everyone is happy with the status quo. i'm also making my little speech about next year and how we need to have a president elect or something so that i can transfer duties. if i happen to be there another year because sam is a november kid so be it - i'll just be a jo schmo volunteer. let's hope someone steps up to the plate!

tomorrow i get to volunteer at adam's school. i can't take my camera, but maybe i'll take a pic of the outside of the school or something so i can journal about this. as a working mother it means everything to me that i have the opportunity to do this. it's only once a month - but terry is also going once a month (he's the only dad that is going - i'm really proud of that!) but if anyone asks you where i am tomorrow, please tell them i'm at the doctors.

apparently my first american crafts box is on its way to me. kristina werner received hers and by her email i must say i'm getting very excited to open that box. of course, now the big issue - where am i going to put it so it's separate but i remember to use it. i'm going to have to invest in more storage solutions i think.

heather burch put the poppy project
for october on her blog. it is absolutely so stinkin' cute. i might splurge and buy one for myself. check it out. i love 7 gypsies and the last album i put together with the poppy project was picked up so i might just have to by this.

speaking of 7 gypsies, those 97% certifiable stamps should be arriving soon at scrapgal and i found an online store that carries the new karen russell narratives - some of it is on order but i plan on stalking until it comes in. so my wish list from cha summer will be complete. of course, memory trends is this week ha! so the list begins anew. nothing so far is a must have. i'm sure that will change as i see more though.

off to a meeting then the post office and fed ex - so if you are waiting on something from me it will be on its way!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what you're up to!! I stalk you so I can copy your stuff, lol!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Celeste... you big sweetie you ;-) How fun that you get to volunteer at school. Its on my to do list too... and congrats again on AC! can't wait to see all your awesome creations.

Anonymous said...

And guess what...Carly ordered that narratives stuff at MT. WOOT! :)

Anonymous said...

You KNOW I'm jonesin' for those stamps in a big way- must check out that link. And the KR stuff too... yum!
I'll just live vicariously through you for the AC goodies until it comes in at work- be sure and post lots of layouts so I will be enticed to buy it... as if I need any incentive! LOL

Can't wait to see your 'new' style!