Friday, May 25, 2007

i've been tagged

by hillary

1. regular or diet soda: rarely drink soda but when i do it's regular - ginger ale or root beer.
2. salt or pepper: i like both.
3. hot or cold weather: can i say in between. i like hot but only if there is air conditioning inside to go into to cool off. and i like cold if there is heat! lol
4. dogs or cats: cats. dogs are too much work.
5. dieting or exercise: neither - yeah i'm ok with being fat.
6. cooking or doing dishes: dishes - i
7. sleeping or shopping: sleeping - i remember when i used to get to sleep.
8. red lobster or outback steakhouse: ick.
9. classical or hip hop music: classical
10. dancing or playing sports: dancing
11. back rub or foot rub: back rub, but only because dh rubs my feet a lot.
12. fruits or vegetables: fruits
13. grey's anatomy or house: grey's anatomy. but i do watch house.
14. coffee or tea: coffee in the morning, tea the rest of the day
15. curling up with a good book or a night out on the town: book
16. straight hair or curly hair: straight
17. skirts or shorts: shorts - i only own one skirt.
18. burgers/hotdogs or chinese food: chinese food
19. vacationing in switzerland or mexico: mexico - love the beach
20. sports car or suv: sports car - better gas mileage at least.


Hillary said...

Good answers, celeste!! and tell your dh he's a prince for rubbing your feet. :)

Unknown said...

You get foot rubs?! Oh, I'm so jealous!