Saturday, June 02, 2007

editing photos

ok so i purchased a set of actions today and i've been fooling around with them this evening. trying to edit three months of photos and get them uploaded and ordered this evening. fun - not. so i decided to give a set of actions a shot. you can see the original, the way i used to edit photos and the action. which one do you prefer?

oh and this is dh being funny at the pumpkin patch. he said, "how about this one?" he's such a jokester that one. :rolling eyes:

wish me luck only 50 or so more photos to go. :)


Anonymous said...

I prefer no. 3!
That looks like a good action, I am just tossing up which one to buy for myself, do you mind sharing which one you purchased :)

Kimberly said...

i've decided that terry looks like david schwimmer, or....david schwimmer looks like terry, whichever way you prefer.

ps #3 is by far the better pic. the actions thing...maybe i should figure out what it/they are.

yes. i am looking for things to do while i sit with a sick child laying next to me. so i decided to visit your blog. aren't you the lucky one (um..that was scarcasm).