Monday, November 27, 2006


well i think i'm feeling almost normal lol. i was in bed all day on saturday and part of the day on yesterday with a stomach bug. yucko!

we did get our fake christmas tree yesterday - i took photos at lowe's as if we were cutting down a real one. hee hee. i also picked up our wreath and some paint samples for our breezeway. i'm thinking a pumpkin color. anyone have a good color you've used? i'm looking at benjamin moore - just because they have samples!

did you mail your christmas cards yet? mine went out on friday - yes i'm that freaky person that you get a christmas card from before december 1st. this year it was imperative because i never sent out change of address cards and we moved.

back at work today. trying to keep up with all my reading. the piles just keep growing.

tonight i need to run some errands and hopefully go to bed early just to feel a little better tomorrow. :) if my american crafts pens come they will have to wait until tomorrow night i guess. i just feel a bit weak and woozy.

see i'm trying to update more regularly! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel 100% soon Celeste!!

Anonymous said...

hope you're feeling better! you crazy xmas card girl, lol.