Wednesday, January 09, 2008

working from home

oh how i miss working from home. today i did just that. i was able to get a lot of work done and i didn't have to get dressed up and freeze in my cube at work! another plus i picked adam up from school at 2pm (wednesdays are short days) and he didn't have to go to aftercare. of course, before picking him up i snuck in one of these....

(disclaimer - not my photo - it's from google images)
that would be a venti, non-fat no water chai extra hot. if you've never had a starbucks chai without water, well, you are missing out. it's just hot perfection in a cup.
now i'm making dinner - well heating it up - meatloaf, rice, and carrots. yum! all while slaving away at work. ;)


Melissa Ullmann said...

Looks yummy and sounds warm! Glad you had a great day working from home today! Did you sneak in any scrappy work???

tina cockburn said...

Guess what I'll be ordering tomorrow morning at my local SBUX drivethru?