Thursday, August 31, 2006

busy day

adam started school today. he did great. he shook the teacher's hand and really seemed to enjoy being at school. he even posed for pics - a rarity. i cried a little when the teachers had them line up - but was over it pretty quickly.

sam had a hard drop off in the new pre-school room this am. i hope the rest of his day goes well. i also hope that when terry drops him off tomorrow it will be easier.

i filled out all of the paperwork we received today for adam. wrote a bunch of dates on the calendar with things we have to do over the next couple weeks. busy busy. ordered a new calendar online too so we can really get organized.

on the scrappin' front, i have to get my rear in gear so to speak. i have 16 assignments this month - 6 of which i could be working on right now. two i need to find pictures for and determine what i'm doing. so really i could be working on half. tonight i hope to do at least one - if i make it....

i have a cold. BIG BUMMER! i want to go to bed! hopefully i'll feel better quickly. i have an mri tomorrow too and i'm claustrophobic. wish me luck.

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~Amie~ said...

celeste, I love that pic of Adam! What a big boy!