Friday, April 20, 2007

fearful friday

ok so my challenge is to tell you about a fear or a time i was afraid.

something happened this week that fits this bill and looking back on it i'm not sure if i should have been afraid or not. after a pta meeting, i was standing outside with another mom talking. we were between our two cars. all of a sudden there was a police car in the road by the parking lot. the policeman was walking down the sidewalk towards a man with a backpack. the policeman said "you've got a needle don't you?" then he said "freeze!" the man kept walking. he said "freeze" again and the man kept walking. then i started running towards the door to the school and so did the other mom. i heard a pop and not a gun pop - a taser pop. now since the door was locked we both got into her minivan. my heart was pounding with fear. by now there were three cop cars and we couldn't get out. we waited a bit in her car and it seemed like the police had it under control. so we left.

i think the incident at virginia tech really has made me more afraid of strangers and perhaps my imagination can more easily see a scenario where i get hurt because of something like this.

how's that for a little fear?


Shandy said...

oh, my stomach was turning as you were describing trying to get in the school but it was locked and so getting into her minivan! was it like in slow motion?? eeks! yes, a very different world we live in. SCARY!

Rachael said...

So scary.

Patrice~ said...

Wholy cow, Celeste! You are a brave woman - I'm not sure I would have thought as quickly as you. Very scary, and yes, I agree that the V-Tech situation has us all very scared and nervous.

Lisa said... had every reson to be scared. You showed a cool head in a very dangerous situation. Glad it turned out okay.

Stacy Armentrout Skinner said...

oh my gosh!! So happy that nothing happened to you or the other mom!

Jenn~ said...

Yes, indeed, we do live in a very scary world. I'm really glad you're ok.

Anonymous said...

yep I would have been scared too! glad they got it under control!