Wednesday, April 11, 2007

what celeste needs

well google tells me the following....
  • celeste needs his help. hey i'll take all the help i can get.
  • celeste needs to understand that don was married for 10 yrs and you don't just forget someone who was a big part of your life. who in the heck is don and why can't he just forget?
  • celeste needs to do her own dirty work. don't tell terry or he might make me vacuum. :P
  • celeste needs a girlfriend. um nope but i'd take a wife. lol
  • celeste needs to get to sleep. this one is true - i do need sleep.
  • celeste needs all the support that we can give at this difficult time in her life. well it's not that difficult right now, but i'll take the support!
  • celeste needs surgery because she needs her gall bladder removed. ack! get that scalpel away from me.
  • celeste needs a trifle more time. i'd love more time. more time to create, more time to spend with my boys, more time to relax, more time to sleep.
  • celeste needs to buy a new quality digital camera with her blood money. ooh i wish i had some blood money i'd have that 10d in my hot little hands.
  • celeste needs to lighten up. true too true.

have an awesome wednesday!


Lynn said...

"nope but i'd take a wife..." I almost spit out my coke. didn't expect that from you. too funny, celeste!

Shandy said...

awesome list Celeste!!!
how'd they know you needed a new digi camera?? but the blood $$.. hmmmm - LOL
love it!

Lisa said...


Those were awesome...great job Celeste!

Jenn~ said...

I think every good woman needs a wife!! You go girl!

Stacy Armentrout Skinner said...

still laughing out loud here.

Yvette said...

Oh I am with you on the wife! Maybe the shoes wouldn't be spread around the house and the dishes would get put in the dishwasher more often. Hysterically laughing here in li'l ole NZ!

Patrice~ said...

'celeste needs surgery because she needs her gall bladder removed.
ack! get that scalpel away from me.'

Jenn says that every good scrapper NEEDS a scalpel, Celeste. You might rethink this one . . .

Isn't this FUN?!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh miss celeste
i had to copy this
you crack me up
check out my blog if you feel like it

my father-in-law told my husband and i that we needed a wife when we complained about cooking and cleaning. LOL

Kimberly said...

you forgot to add celeste needs to watch antm and get some rest. oh wait. that wouldn't have shown up in a google search. antm is on here right now. woot. lol...

Rachael said...

what a great list!!!

Anonymous said...

ok , am I a bit thick but where did you google this list from celeste?

you have me a bit worried - LOL!
- but get me a wife too while you're at it OK.

Jillian Marie said...

Hi Celeste!! This was all too funny, I think I may have to copy you too!

Great blog and thanks for the smiles today!!!