Wednesday, April 18, 2007

what's the big to do

we all have them - to do lists. i'm a crazy list maker. like almost obsessed with lists. i've been a little bit better lately - not so many lists. i think that perhaps i've got some of the juggle down with two kids and a full time job. i think also that i've let a lot of stuff slide. i still keep my grocery list typed in the computer in aisle order and i have all of our pack lists for trips saved too! i keep a list of assignments that i have due and any scrapbook calls on a white board in my room - with a little corner for things i need to purchase as well.

shandy asked us to share our to do lists for today. the x next to the item means i finished it. i'm not sure much of this will get done.

emerging issues news monitoring
x start weekly news briefing
x finish retention report
x download annual reports
x find q1 conference call times
write up new hire interviews
read pile of reports on desk
compile frequency and severity for personal lines carriers q1 2007
start q1 2007 activity log
x finish travelers news for briefing book
x expense report

nsbr (not scrapbook related)
confirm hair appt.
x make doctor's appt.
x write out check for pre-school deposit
x agenda for parent's association meeting tonight
x grid for teacher appreciation
pick up adam at school
make dinner
make kids lunches
parent's association meeting
watch america's next top model
pharmacy - get prescriptions filled, buy tonic

sbr (scrapbook related)
page a day for scrapgal - scan and post
finish 4 scrap packs for crop on may 5th
do one layout for secret project (shhh)
put pile of patterned paper away
post office - mail scrapbook trends layouts in
x catch up in scrapgal gallery
x post qotd at poppy ink
x email carly about donation

well that's it. i used to write shower on my list, empty dishwasher, clean kitchen. but now i know i can get these things done without writing them down. for awhile i felt so overwhelmed that i needed my list to guide me. it gave me a sense of accomplishment. now i'm just happy to be able to get things done. oko well i confess i do email myself at home to remind myself to do things and i'm not above leaving a message on the answering machine either! yes i'm a little whackdoo!


ticee said...

you are one super busy woman! I don't know how you do it all, and still create such wonderful masterpieces!

Jenn~ said...

I'm tired after reading this.
Must go nap . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Patrice~ said...

Wow, Celeste! No wonder your LO's are so awesome - you've got a lot of energy to expend after such a full workday - keep up the good work. And glad you've doc who is willing to listen, really listen, to your issues

Stacy Armentrout Skinner said...

What a busy women you are. Wow do you have much time to sleep?

Lisa said...

Lord girl.....I need a Diet Coke for a boost just READING that! You DA womkan!

Rachael said...

Wow, look at that list!! Zzzzz

Lynn said...

Geez... no WONDER you have to make lists... you have SO much to do. I just want you to know that I, too, have my grocery list on my computer in aisle order. I laughed out loud when I read that. But it is SO much faster than having to write a new one each time I go!

Michelle said...

So happy to know I'm not the only list maker, only, you sound organized with your lists..I write random things all over the place and then have to gather all of those lists into one big list and so on...=) You are a busy lady!! Time should just stop so we can all just scrapbook....

Anonymous said...

I have a pack list saved on my computer too!!

Anonymous said...

girl, that made me tired, just reading it. I'm so not a list maker..that is probably why I feel I can't get it together, but list make me sick to my stomach.
So, how much did you get done?