Friday, November 02, 2007

halloween photos

ok so i've shared these elsewhere, but figured i might as well stick them up here too!

a good time was had by all!


Janet O. said...

Dude...your oldest looks JUST like you!
(Hi, by the way!)

Anonymous said...

I wanted a bat costume like that one! Dang it!

Happy looking kids and a very nice blog. I am a friend of Janet's who is an "anonymous lurker" on her blog. She knows who I am and she posts on my blog some as well.

And that was a Public Service Announcement so that you would know who posted here. well, sort of. Well, maybe not at all. Sorry!


Happy Halloween! And keep blogging as many who read never think to comment. You are being read even if you have few comments. You have more that I have over at my silly little blog.