Tuesday, March 04, 2008

tag you're it

i've been tagged! tina cockburn tagged me today, and this is what i have to do:

* share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

* tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

* let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here goes my seven (and I'm going to try to scrap this too per tina's challenge on the studio blog. :) )

1.) i was never given a middle name. i guess with a name like celeste my mother and father thought they'd let me choose my own. when i was confirmed i chose the name ashley for my confirmation name. ashley is not a saints name and really not an appropriate choise for a confirmation name. i figured i would use that as my middle name. celeste ashley fallon - that just not right. ha! when i was married i changed my name to celeste fallon smith - my maiden name became my middle name. i like it!

2.) speaking of names i was horribly teased as a child because of my name. it's taken me years to come to terms with it and when people tell me it's a pretty name i just say "abondanza!"

3.) my hair is dyed. the amount of gray on my head is starting to exceed the amount of brown. i started going gray at 18 years old. by the age of 25 i had a skunk streak. i started dyeing for a job interview and now it's nearly impossible to stop. maybe someday i'll grow it all out and be natural again. but until then every 8 weeks to the hair dresser i go.

4.) along the lines of ugly feet, i have athlete's foot right now. it is so itchy and gross - it's like something is eating away at my feet. i need to get it under control!

5.) i've met a good deal of famous people in my life. i used to wait tables at a fancy restaurant on martha's vineyard called lattanzi's and terry used to sous chef at a 4-star restaurant called l'etoile. needless to say that the vineyard is a mecca for famous people. here are a few i've encountered - princess diana, james taylor, carly simon, dan ackroyd, walter cronkite, billy joel, mike wallace, jim belushi, spike lee, diane sawyer, david mccullough, patricia neal, mike nichols, fran drescher, stephen tyler, art buchwald, and many more.

6.) i've only been outside the united states once in my life - terry and i went to grand cayman - i had won the trip through work. i've never even been to canada. what a sheltered existence i lead!

7.) i recently lost 25 pounds. i was on the la weight loss plan and then they went out of business. i would have liked to lose more - now i'm trying to maintain my weight. it's not easy when the world is filled with peanut butter cups and pasta and chocolate cake.

and now to tag seven!

caroline ikeji

denise morrison

dina wakley

doris sander

emily pitts

paula gilarde

sara dickey

have fun ladies!


Anonymous said...

Heehee! I love that you played along and that I know you even better now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

OK, I was OK until you got to the athletes foot bit - thanks for that important bit of info Celeste!
Leanne STamatellos

Jill said...

Ha! I got a kick out of reading your random facts. Abondanza!? Hilarious!

Denise said...

Heehee...very funny Celeste. Thanks for tagging me as well.

aimee ferguson said...

Too funny Celeste! Love your list and btw, you have a beautiful name! :)

justem said...

stopped by your blog from SC :)

i am 28 and it seems like all the "new" hair on my head is gray...it's kinda crazy because i don't feel old...and i don't feel like i look that old...but the gray hair is killing me!!!

Cami said...

My mother's name was Judy Cylest. And she hated her middle name. Always did. And then she went and named me something so bad you can't even fathom it. Bad, bad, bad. Which is why I go by Cami! I, myself, like Celeste. The little girl next door is named Celeste too.