Monday, July 14, 2008

rotatrim owners?

If you have a Rotatrim, which model do you have - the one with two bars or one bar? Do you love it? I'm so sick of my MM trimmer cutting crooked and I don't think I'll ever get the Genesis (been on the list for a couple years) so I'm thinking about biting the bullet. Any and all opinions welcome!

One thing I don't like about the MM trimmer is that you can't hold the paper along the top or bottom lip to get a straight cut. You have to hold it so it is even along the horizontal or vertical lines. Does the Rototrim allow you to just hold the paper along the top or bottom and cut for a straight cut or do you have to line it up with the gridlines? The other irritating thing is that this is my second MM trimmer that has lost it's gridlines and I can't imagine that MM will give me another one.


Anonymous said...

No advice on the rotatrim - but I am on my 3rd(well, actually 4th because one was smashed to pieces in the mail) MM trimmer - they keep replacing them, so I keep complaining when my grid wears off. BTW, this last one isn't wearing off yet. I don't know if they have done anything different, but if they have it seems to be working. ITA about having to line everything up with the grid, it totallly stinks.

Emily Pitts said...

i don't know about the rotatrim, but i have a tonic guillotine and i LOVE it. has a learning curve, and you adapt to it, but the straight cut every time is worth any frustration in the beginning.

Anonymous said...

I think the Rotatrim is great! I got my Rotatrim paper cutter from the Paper Cutter Store.

Kelly Jo said...

Hi, Celeste~

I recently tried the MM trimmer and have to say I am not a fan. My favorite trimmer is the Fiskars Portable Rotary trimmer.
Straight cut every time, no matter how thin.
Yes, I am a Lead Fiskateer, but this was my favorite trimmer long before that.
Have a Great day!
Kelly Jo

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I just got into the market for one of these....perfect timing for finding this post!!!

Dottie K. said...

Actually MM will send you another trimmer if your write customer service and attach a photo of grid with their logo on it. They replaced mine just two months ago. They told me they fixed the grid problem. :)