Tuesday, November 25, 2008

paula asked me a question

some of you may not know this about me but i am a librarian. i have a master of library science. being a research librarian means i know how to find things using search engines, etc. my friends and family know this and occasionally email me and ask for help finding answers or solutions to problems on the web.

today paula asked me, "I'm looking for some way to display artwork (probably the kids work). The idea is that the artwork would be switched out every so often. Have you ever come across any good ideas for displays?"

then she told me i should post the response on my blog. and because i do everything paula asks (tells?) me to do - here is my reply with pictures added for your visual pleasure.

here are some ideas using a wire and clips...

::via design sprout

::via bungalow insanity

i've seen a similar solution at ikea, but can't seem to find it on their website so that link is ebay. pottery barn used to have these and now west elm apparently does. you could easily make something like this or use a cable curtain rod system and some clips. instead of the cable system you could just use a regular old curtain rod with clips too! pottery barn had this clip rack (now discontinued) - easy to make with either these bull clips or even clothespins.

there are also those clear box frames that you slip the art work into - my sister uses these.

some more ideas...

  • i've framed some of my kids artwork in regular frames
  • to clean up that cluttered refrigerator look, cut mats (the cardstock used for borders in frames) with openings slightly smaller than the standard sheet of paper. tttach magnetic strips to the back of each mat. put on the refrigerator for an organized look, whereby the focus is on the artwork, not the clutter.
  • mount a piece of flat trim molding on the wall at eye level. every eight to 10 inches, attach one leg of a spring-loaded clothespin to the trim with small nails or screws. then you can just clip the top edges of the artwork into the clothespin. it's easy, and the display can be changed often.
  • make magnets to give to grandparents and family members. cut out various items (flowers, dun, kites, clouds etc.), and have pieces laminated with hard plastic. Trim off excess plastic, then glue pieces to small magnets. give the magnets away to family members as gifts that remind everyone that they are all connected.
  • they make magnetic paint. you could paint a wall with it and then use fun magnets to hand the art work in a grouping.

and last but not least three articles for your reading/viewing pleasure...



fine living

have fun displaying kids artwork or your scrapbook pages - let me know if you use any of these ideas!

if you have any other ideas. please post them below for paula and anyone else who might be interested!


*Paula* said...

dang you are GOOD. Give this woman a raise someone! thanks C.

Anonymous said...

Excellent question Paula; and thorough research Ali. Thanks so much!

Melissa said...

Fantastic ideas! Right now my fridge is overloaded with art work. lol!

Erin said...

I totally did not know that!

I hang my layouts using the IKEA system. This http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60075295

with these http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20075947 although I don't use the s clips.

I hang Emma's artwork on a wall using 3M command strips, they make some just for hanging papers, they're awesome.I can't find them online, though.

Denise said...

Celeste, you have talents that never stop amazing me! Being a librarian has always been a secret desire of mine...lucky!

Leanne Stamatellos said...

Paula and Celeste - I ahve the first one that you posted in my children's play room - the one with the wire and the little clips - it's fantastic!
It's absolutely from IKEA and you'll find it in the curtain section - they use it to hang curtains including the little clips. Let me know if you need more info - you will love it once you have it hanging.

stephanie aka scrapandthecity said...

i have the clips already to do this. i saw it in a friend's house years ago and really loved it. i plan on displaying scrapbook pages in my daughters room.

i am thinking about going back to school and actually getting a library science certification, along with an education masters. i think you have a wonderful job! tfs!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! I have three IKEA metal boards on the wall in our dining room. All the kids' artwork is held up with IKEA magnets and it's a wonderful, collage-y, colorful mess and I love it. Here's the link:


Dina said...

Super cute ideas. You rock. I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! That green Bungalow Insanity playroom belongs to my daughter Chloe. My husband and I were planning to make something on our own, but when I saw the Deka wire curtain rod at IKEA, I grabbed it. I figured it would be really hard to make something for less than $4.99 (which included the clips!) An extra bag of clips is only 99 cents. It's so nice to be able to see the playroom floor again!