Wednesday, March 31, 2010

anyone know how to make the center piece

of a blogger blog wider - while making the orange on either side here smaller?  if you do please let me know. thanks!


Brenda Johnston said...

A little disclaimer, I am NOT a computer expert. I googled the very same question and found a tutorial. If I remember correctly, I changed two things. Go to LAYOUT and then EDIT HTML. Scroll down to "outer wrapper" and change it to 1025px and then "main wrapper" and change it to 750px. I think your header will still be small at that point and then you have to scroll down and change that accordingly as well. I had to mess around with it a few times to get it just right. Good luck!!

EBPitcher said...

Brenda is right. I'd first make a back up of your blog. I also have a draft blog I've created to see how things look before I through them into "production". Make the changes Brenda suggests. And see how they look. Keep in mind that if you go too wide, somethings might be cut off for somefolks who make their screens larger to see better.

Kristine said...

yes i do Celeste,
email me

susy said...

sNot personaly but if you try searching Rita's teacoffee blog you may find the answer. If you have never visited it before it is an amazing place for free photoshop and PSE actions, PS info and tut's and blog advise.
Cheers and happy Easter.