Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas eve, a little sumthin', and a thank you

this was supposed to post on xmas eve. i'll be back tomorrow!

i guess thank yous are in order!  :) i appreciate that you take the time to stop by here every day. i can't tell you how many times over the past year i've thought about stopping the daily find posting and each time just as i've made a decision someone posts a thank you to me for sharing my finds. this always changes my mind and encourages me to continue!

it's christmas eve and i'm taking a little vacation from my blog until the new year. i hope that the holidays are happy, safe and lovely for each of you. speaking of lovely - be sure to check out this video of amy krouse rosenthal's 10-10-10 beckoning of lovely. it is truly lovely.

be sure to check out next week - i will have a calendar printable up. and the card above is a great printable for your christmas thank yous!


susy said...

I looove all the wonderful finds you share with us, they make me happy. Hope your Christmas and new year were wonderful.

susy said...

There was meant to be a thank you in there too with they make me happy :-)

Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

i've loved your layouts and your blog and i hope that you don't change your mind about your talents!

jaki said...

Just catching up on all my favourite blogs, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a happy and healthy 2011 :)
Thankyou for all you share on your blog!!

Patrice~ said...

i really really enjoy your 'findings', celeste! thank you for sharing some amazing creations :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, thank YOU! I love to stop by and see all your posts and findings. Very cool stuff, useful and fun. Thank you for taking the time to find it and share it all with us :) Wishing you a great year 2011! Best wishes from Germany