Tuesday, March 01, 2011

during the month of march i'm teaching a seminar over at masterful scrapbook design.

here are the details!


We’ve heard a lot about  ”finding inspiration” for your pages from store shelves, magazines, fashion, websites and many other resources. It’s time to get specific about just how we can show YOU resources and methods for finding, gathering, and specifically translating inspiration to the scrapbook page.


about ideas and inspiration. Do ideas just “arrive” if you think hard enough? What’s the role of past experiences and inspiration from other sources? What are the aspects of a piece that can inspire?
finding and organizing inspiration. In this section we talk about the many sources there are for inspiration and methods (digital and hard-copy) for organizing your inspiration pieces.
viewing an inspiration piece. Go beyond passive viewing of your inspiration pieces with the techniques described here for apprehending and translating inspiration to the page.
applying inspiration to the scrapbook page. Just as you can take inspiration from various elements of a piece, so, too, can you apply inspiration to individual elements of the page. We’ll look at titles, journaling, layout, photo treatments, and embellishments and how inspiration can be directly applied to them.

Guest teachers

Teachers contribute to the seminar, participate in live webinars, write “designer notes” and annotate layouts for inspiration galleries. This month, learn with  Paula Gilarde, Celeste Smith, Lisa Dickinson, and Anna Aspnes.

Designer notes

These are illustrated articles written by guest teachers and Debbie Hodge that take a closer look at several aspects of our monthly focus topic – inspiration.

Designer inspiration

Guest teachers Paula Gilarde, Celeste Smith, Lisa Dickinson and Anna Aspnes share 80 annotated layouts in which they take you into their thought and design process for making these pages.

Designer interviews

Four video, audio, and transcript recordings in which Debbie Hodge interviews each of the guest teachers with a focus on inspiration.

You can subscribe to the site for a mere $10/month! Go check it out!

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