Monday, July 11, 2011

masterful scrapbooking design

If you're not subscribing to Masterful Scrapbook Design in July and August you're missing out on 12 value-packed webinars with over 24 scrapbook page designers.

The August issue of Masterful Scrapbook Design is a special "interview" issue that will sell as an archive for $36 on September 1st. (While subscribing will cost you just $12.50 for one month.)August members at Masterful Scrapbook Design will receive video and audio recordings from 8 focused interviews with 24+ designers. These recordings will be accompanied by pdfs with scrapbook pages, designer notes, and worksheets.

So why am I telling you about this in July?

July members are all invited to attend the live recordings of these 8 interviews (in addition to the 4 webinars for our July "Fast Starts" issue).

Each of these special interviews includes three guest teachers. You'll hear them talk and see their layouts on your screen at the same time. You can even type in questions during these webinar recordings and I'll work them into the conversation. We've rounded up a balanced group of paper, digital, and hybrid scrapbookers who create with a variety of styles--What's more, these are scrapbookers who have a lot to say about their process.

The first three live events are this Thursday, July 14th so click here and subscribe today.

Webinar topics and participants are as follows:

Pages that Reflect the "Times" with Noell Hyman, Sharyn Tormanen, and Doris Sander (July 14 at 11am ET)

Current trends impact all of us. The times we are living in right now -from global politics and trade, to technology and styles- are especially remarkable. Scrapbook pages that weave in such references have a richness that endures and triggers long-forgotten memories decades later. We'll talk about a range of approaches to this, looking at and talking about pages that weave in little mentions, pages that use elements other than journaling toward this end, and pages that are all about "the times."

Finding and Evolving Your Style with Kayleigh Wiles, Doris Sander, and Dina Wakley. (July 14th at 1pm ET)

Guest designers talk about their past and current scrapbooking styles, sharing layouts and exploring how they got to the styles they're embracing today.Making Digital Pages Inspired by Paper Techniques with Melanie Grimes, Amy Mallory, and Amber Ries. (July 14 at 3pm ET)

So how do you get a digital page -- or an element on it -- to look like paper? Start with good product and add a helping of the right technique. We'll talk about those techniques as well as how to translate inspiration from paper scrapbook pages to digital ones.

Clean and Simple Pages that Wow with Vivian Masket, Erin Clayton, and Celeste Smith. (HEY THAT'S ME!!!) (July 25th at 9pm ET)

We'll take a look at lots of clean and simple pages and talk about what gives a clean page its pizzazz as well as how to keep things fresh when reusing compositional motifs.

Composition with Karen Grunberg, Francine Clouden, and May Flaum. (July 25th at 11pm ET)

While a good eye helps when putting your page elements together appealingly, learned skills are even more important. We'll talk about the favorite compositional approaches and processes these designers employ for making awesome pages.Pages with Lots on Them with Emily Pitts, Michelle Clement, and Lynnette Penacho. (July 27th at 9am ET)

Got product? Just how do you get a nice helping of it onto your scrapbook page and make it "work?" We'll look at layouts and talk about the techniques and products these designers love working with on their delightfully full pages.Hybrid Scrapbooking with Paula Gilarde, Aly Dosdall, and Betsy Sammarco. (July 27th at 11am ET)

We're looking at pages these designers really love as a result of "going hybrid" rather than straight paper or digi. We'll talk about when hybrid is preferred as well as favorite digi products for hybrid pages and best tips for making hybrid pages efficiently.

Favorite Techniques for Paper Pages with Lisa Dickinson, Wilna Furstenberg, and Cindy Liebel. (July 27 at 11am ET)In past issues of MSD, members have been bowled over by the looks these three designers get on their pages using tools and techniques. In this webinar we dig into everything from glue guns to die cutting machines and see just how they do it! Click here to subscribe now for $12.50/month.

(Remember, the first big interview day is Thursday, July 14th, and when you're subscribed you'll get a reminder of it.)

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