Monday, March 12, 2012

second saturday - march edition

while most of you are taking your 12 on the 12th photos today. i completed my march second saturday on saturday. it was no small feat! i didn't remember until around 11am while driving adam back and forth from doctor's appointments.

the images are different sizes and a bit catty whompus because it is my second page in week 10 project life as well and the template photos are not all the same sizes to fit in the pockets.

here are the deets (left to right from the top)
  • i caught terry and sam making faces in the mirror together - terry asked if they look alike? what do you think?
  • vitamins! i've been so good about taking them every day since i got this holder. so it makes me look like a granny - i'm okay with that!
  • i didn't even realize it was second saturday until we were driving adam to a doctor's appt. he had a fever for 5 days and this photo was taken before his chest xray. turns out he has pneumonia - this was minutes before he fainted in the xray room. scared me to death!
  • didn't drive me to drink though! lol rob bought this for terry as a thank you for fixing jackson's laptop - i thought the light coming through the bottom of it and the label were very cool! i took a sip later - firewater really!
  • the boy scout coordinator came over to talk with terry about adam and boy scouting. we signed him up and he was given his neckerchief, numbers and book.
  • adam spent most of the week lying on the couch like this - with woody sleeping right on top of him.  
  • what would a saturday be without a tall blonde (lol) from starbucks?
  • a very unhealthy lunch - adam has not eaten much all week when he said he wanted burger king i said fine. 
  • sam decided to take an afternoon bath. he was in there for an hour playing and talking.
  • i took sam to barnes and noble. he couldn't resist the lorax and he picked out a book.
  • oh my pinkberry is so yum. this is sam's pomegranate yogurt with brownie bits, strawberries, mango and raspberries topped with the pomegranate sauce (which is to die for!)
  • one of the perks of being married to an ex-chef is fabulous dinners. here we have ny strip topped with a bourbon mushroom sauce with portobellos and wild mushrooms served with the best mashed potatoes and lovely asparagus seasoned perfectly. it was delicious!
are you doing 12 on the 12th - link me up if you post i'd love to see!


Jennifer9024 said...

You know how I love to be nosy, so the second Saturday is becoming a favorite day of mine!! (it's the stalker in me coming out)

Aliza said...

That dinner does look impressive, and that bourbon looks delish. It's my favorite alcoholic beverage.

Sharon Huffman said...

Great pictures! I'm doing the Take 12 also and posted on my blog this month at

Aren't cats the best when we need a little extra TLC? They always seem to know just what we need!