Monday, April 01, 2013

here's pl week 11

as promised using the pixels & co april company stash! i dropped my camera on friday and it has to go into the shop. i am all set for photos for week 13, but weeks 14 & 15 (which is also second saturday) are going to be rough. let's hope they only have the camera for a couple weeks. my point and shoot is just not that great and i may have the worst phone camera ever made!

i used light colored background here and no stitching as i had to recreate a template from scratch since this was for a creative team assignment. i did delete the white and replace with kraft. also put the stitching back. i've been toying with switching to a white background, but i'm not sure.

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libbywilko said...

Sorry to hear about your camera, I've dropped mine before ouch to my wallet and my photo taking my dslr has spoilt me for other cameras.