Monday, August 05, 2013

july project life

well i gave it a shot, i ended up with more pages than i normally do for a month. i think it went a little faster though. less editing back the photos for sure. i did everything in steps - select photos, edit all the photos, place all the photos, fill in with journaling cards, add embellishments and labels, journal. i was able to include more filler cards and more journaling i think. i also had time to add more details. it was fun shopping my stash!

eta: fixed spelling mistakes and that empty label! lol!


itsallrosi said...

These came out great! I seem to have missed July, too.

Unknown said...

This turned out lovely, Celeste! Monthly is so much easier and I don't think there's a huge difference in the stories told.

Susanne said...

Wow, you've been very productive. I think doing it in batches makes it go faster - I intend to try that when I catch mine up.

Denise said...

How wonderful to see your pretty face this morning as I was checking my blog. Thanks for the lovely comment. Still laugh about that, what fun we had!
Your boys are so big! Looks like your summer adventures were most excellent. I have been doing a month PL as well. I love it. No pressure. If I get one page done, good. More is better but whatever.
You have always amazed me with your mad skills Celeste. Enjoy your weekend.