Monday, October 16, 2006


well i'm officially a bad blogger. sorry.

let's see the weekend came and went. we had blueberry the bear at our house this weekend. we took a ton of cute pics of the things we did with him - dinner out, raking leaves, soccer, bike riding, bowling, etc. i especially loved this one.

i made a little mini album and glued it in the journal book that was sent home with him. adam helped me tell the story. incredibly cute. well except that adam would rather be caught dead than carrying a bear around - dh and adam made up horrible stories about him - photos we could take and share with the kindergarteners. things like "this weekend daddy accidentally ran over blueberry with the lawn mower" and "we took blueberry for a ride under the car." i plan on making a little mini-album with the pictures - it was fun and actually sam adored blueberry and was sad to see him go.

i went to a crop at my online friend maryann's house. it was fun to crop with her and christi. a few of maryann's friends were there as well - newbies to scrappin'. it was energizing to see them get excited about color and pattern and design. i brought my cricut so i cut a bunch of titles and shapes for them.

sunday i went to the new michael's. although i'm not a huge michael's fan i still managed to spend $30 on nothing. it will be great for emergency items and odd crafty things i might need too - much closer than the nearest chain craft store that's for sure.

today was work. not very busy. i'm looking forward to finishing out this week and giving notice. i'm nervous and excited - i need to go clothes shopping - anyone want to come? i'm horrible at clothes shopping.

well i have to clean up a bit - i started another scrapgal layout tonight. i'll finish it up tomorrow i hope. made a huge mess - have to at least put it in a pile! then off to bed.

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caroline said...

nah. you aren't a bad blogger. you're still updating more than me. hahahah.

did your box come? i hope it did!