Friday, December 01, 2006

going to a crop!

well i’m going to a crop tonight. yay! i packed up a bunch of mini-kits to bring with me. i’m hoping this kick starts my mojo a bit. it will also be fun to see some scrappin’ friends i haven’t seen in awhile.

on a spending freeze which is going to be hard while seated in an lss. lol

and as for the purging mentioned yesterday. i did a bunch of purging last night. a lot of provo craft stuff, coluzzle templates, and some odds and ends. i think there is 18+ inches of assorted pp in the pile. do you think this is crazy? i'm going to bring the box to the crop and pick one person there maybe determine who is the newest to scrapbooking - then i'm going to tell that person to come to my car and take the box. a true rak. i just can't afford to ship all this stuff out and it's all old stuff that most seasoned scrappers wouldn't want anyway.

on an unrelated note, i am going to do a rak – so post below and i’ll give a little something something to one random person. not posting this on any message boards so my loyal (few lol) readers will get first dibs.


Me said...

Thanks, I'm always up for a RAK. COunt me in.

That's a nice gesture to give away your stash to a newbie at your crop event, I'm sure they will be very thanksful.

Take care-

Spot-On said...

cool! Thats such an awesome thing to do! I know a few new scrappers and give them stuff occassionally and they always appreciate it!
Count me in for the RAK!

nicole said...

I would love to be counted in for the RAK too :) And would so love to see the person's face you give the stuff to at the fun!
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Count me in! :P I am, after all, a loyal reader, lol!

And I think your lss RAK idea is such a fantastic thing to do- inspired me to do the same soon too. Hope you get lots of pages done tonight. :)
love ya!

mel xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a great idea Celeste, I would love to be at the crop to see her face when you will give her the package (and to meet you of course ;)).

Well I'm a loyal reader, even if I don't let you a message each time. Due to the shipping coast, I will totally understand that you don't count me for the RAK.

I'm glad that you post most frequently yet.

Sara-Jane said...

What a fabulous idea Celeste.
I bet they get a big buzz out of that.
Hope your new job is going well :)

Anonymous said...

Put my name in the hat! Glad that lady liked all of her cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

The girl at the crop must still be in shock - how amazing !

I'd love to be part of your RAK - Hey, I'd be happy with even 1 inch leftover scraps - hehe! I just can't even imagine 18+ inches of pp - holy moly!

Like Severine, I totally understand the postage situation - I am not what you'd call a LOCAL but I am loyal :)

Laura said...

Cool! Count me in! =D

caroline said...


i *heart* you

Anonymous said...

It was so nice of you to share with a stranger. Put my name in the hat for your RAK.


Jennifer said...

loyal reader here :) I need to totally do that with my scrap stuff too. I have a huge pile just waiting for some lovin!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gesture! I'm sure you made her day...wish I could've seen her response! :)

Anonymous said...

Celeste - sporadic reader but I am loyal :-D

Anonymous said...

great idea to give your stash way! will be a little Christmas surprise for someone